Human Chain for Tribal Unity

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Human Chain for Tribal Unity

ZNN | 19 September 2015. Today Lamka (Churachandpur) witnesses the formation of Tribal Human Chain organised by JAC women wing in Churachandpur District of Manipur. The human chain stretched to about 12 kms from Kangvai to District Hospital, Churachandpur. The human chain was supported by the JAC Churachandpur and the Joint Philanthropic Organisation, Churachandpur.

Rain or shine - it really doesn't matter; women young and old, from each household in huge numbers came out to join this "chain of tribal unity". The spirit of oneness and want of freedom from the clutch of Manipur government rose high in today's atmosphere. The human chain was also organized in solidarity to the 9 lives that were lost during the recent Tribal Agitation against the 3 Bills passed by the Manipur State Assembly.

Ever since the Manipur Government passed the infamous 3 bills which affected the Tribal of Manipur, there were continuous agitations and rallies held in various tribal districts of Manipur and in all metropolitan cities of India. A sit in protest was organized every day since the issue broke out on 31st August 2015.

Yesterday there was a Torch Rally organized by the women wing of JAC, Ccpur to demonstrate their agitation against the decision taken by the Manipur State Assembly. Everywhere in the district echoed the sound of the want to be separated from the Manipur Government who has been mistreating the Tribal for long.

The fire of the tribal unity has spread far and wide. Rallies were held and memorandum were submitted from other offshore countries wherever the Manipur tribal stays to Indian Officials. Memorandums were submitted from USA, UK, Europe, Middle East and Singapore in support to the Manipur Tribal movement.

Meanwhile representative from the UNF and KNO has gone to the capital city of New Delhi to chalk out plans and demands for a separate administration for the Manipur Tribal. Hopefully the Indian Government will lend its ear on the tribal issue to pave way to the Manipur’s Tribal.