Aborts Delhi Mission says KIM

Aborts Delhi Mission says KIM

Kaybie Chongloi,
KANGPOKPI, May 12: Considering the all political parties delegation to Delhi over the three controversial bills inappropriate, the Kuki Inpi Manipur (KIM) today wants the proposed mission to Delhi be discarded.

The apex body also expressed its deep concerned over the recent development after the all political parties’ resolution to send a delegation to Delhi over the three bills on May 16 in a joint meeting chaired by Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh on May 9.

KIM further noted that Political parties in Manipur such as Congress, BJP, Trinamool, CPI, MPP, etc. are parties constituted by all sections of Manipur people of both valley and hills while valley alone cannot be consider in representing the whole political parties.

Shokholun Mate, Lhangsam [Secretary of Information], Kuki Inpi Manipur stated that the 3 bills in the Assembly on  August 31, 2015 were passed without referring it to the Hill Areas Committee (HAC) in total violation of constitutional procedure.

As such it was seen as anti-tribal Bills by the hill people, he continued before adding that the spontaneous response from the hill people which spread like wild fire, engulfing the hill areas was the direct outcome of the protest against the 3 controversial Bills.

He also alleged that there has been no attempt on the part of the State Government to solve the issue amicably rather the State Government by supporting the demand of JCILPS which make fresh attempt to bulldoze the issue by harnessing the support of the various political parties.

“Such attempt is considered totally biased and sectarian in nature and is treated as an appeasement policy of the Government towards the valley people”, asserted KIM Lhangsam while conveying the apex body aspiration to resolve the 3 Bills issue amicably so as to avoid further escalation of tension and violence.

KIM Lhangsam further said that it [KIM] consider the proposed delegation of political parties to Delhi inappropriate since it does not represent the interest/security of the tribal people with regard to the 3 Bills.

Therefore, the proposed mission to Delhi be discarded and explore ways and means to settle the issue amicably by equal representation of all stakeholders concerned, he added.

He also said that an Individual person from Kuki community who holds important position in any political party does not represent the political interest of the Kuki people.

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