YPA Press Release on Bairabi, Mizoram

General Headquarters


Lamka, the 13th March 2018

The Young Paite Association General Headquarters is saddened by the News of gruesome atrocities of a woman journalist and peaceful 20 students at Bairabi, Mizoram in connection with the construction of "Zofate Chawlhbuk".

While lamenting the actions of the Assam Police, the organisation condemns the dastardly act at the highest form and expresses its dubitation as to how and why Zo people became easy targets of discrimination in their own land.

The Young Paite Association general Headquarters would like to express its solidarity to their Zo brethens in Mizoram and would like to commend the 7 o brave hearts who suffered at the hands of the Assam Police. The organisation would also like to re-assure their brethrens across the border that the YPA is ready to extend all possible help and will not be late in responding to exigencies of such hatred if the need arises.

General Secretary, YPA Ghqs