OMTF & JACAATB - Joint Press Release

OMTF & JACAATB - Joint Press Release
October 13, 2016
The new wave of political marginalization, social subjugation and cultural exclusion of the indigenous tribal peoples in present Manipur by the communal Manipur Government that began with the passing of three-tribal bills on August 31, 2015 has now manifested itself in the form of undermining the rights of the tribal students regarding admissions to the State's lone university- Manipur University.
The deliberation violation of the rights of the tribals with the mala fide intention to exploit the tribal peoples on reservation quantum in the Central Educations ( Reservation in Admission ) Act, 2006 and as amended in 2012 that stipulated a 31% reservation for tribals, and the narrow interpretation and lopsided of the Manipur High Court's ruling of October 3, 2016 by the Academic Council of Manipur University are part and parcel of much bigger design. In fact 31% is a stipulation by the Manipur Government and fell short of the 34% had the University Grants Commission and the Ministry of Human Resources Development norms based on the proportion of population been taken into account.
Moreover, the rules for the implementation of the Manipur Reservation in Post and Services ( for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes ) Act, 1976 have still not been made despite several appeals from the tribals communities.
The Manipur University issue, the demand for inclusion of Meiteis in the Scheduled Tribes list, the three anti-tribal bills- these are not stray incidents or issues but are carefully conceptualized plans and policies of CorCom, the proscribed militant conglomerate of the dominant Meitei Community executed in connivance with the communal Manipur Government to grab the paltry constitutional privileges bestowed on the tribal people in present Manipur.
Instances and issues such as these prove time and again beyond doubt the ever-deepening and irreversible gash between the Hills and Valley, and brings forth the need and urgency for a seperate administration of all tribal territories in present Manipur outside the ambit of the communal Manipur Government.
The Outer Manipur Tribals' Forum ( OMTF - a conglomerate of Hmar Inpui, Thadou Inpi Manipur, Mizo People Convention, United naga Council and Zomi Council ) and the Joint Action Committee Against Anti-Tribal Bills ( JACAATB ) is committed to safeguarding tribal ancestral lands, tribal rights and identity and shall leave no stone unturned in their ongoing efforts to ensure an inclusive and promising future for all the tribal communities and administrative set-up separate from the ambit of the Manipur Government, and would like to humbly appeal to all the indigenous tribal communities in present Manipur to continue fighting unitedly for what is rightfully ours.
Outer manipur Tribal's Forum
Chief Convenor
Joint Action Committee Against Anti-Tribal Bills