Zogam.com Photo Contest 2016 Result

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Zogam.com Photo Contest 2016 Result

With the end of the contest timeline we have successfully concluded the  Zogam.com Photo Contest 2016. The admins of Zogam.com like to thank all the participants and our two judges - Robert Malsawm and Yehushua Menaseh. Also we thank Hornbill Cable Network for sponsoring the prizes.

The contestant were judged upon by the following parameters - Exposure, Sharpness, Color, Composition and Caption Relevancy. However the People's Choice Award is purely based on the highest number of LIKEs in the Zogam.com Facebook Page.

So based on the above judgements, we are proud to announced the result of the Zogam.com Photo Contest 2016 as below:

1st Prize - Ls Munsong, Contestant 03

2nd Prize - FotoExpert, Contestant 06

People's Choice Award - Dr Liangoumuan Samte, Contestant 04

Ls Munsong scored 37 points out of 50 and FotoExpert team scored 35 points out of 50. Dr Liangoumuan Samte's photo got 1.4k likes in our facebook page.

The prizes and certificates will be handed out separately as per convenience.

The contest got great responses and we are likely to come up with another contest by summer.

Congratulation to all the winners!!

Ginza Vualzong,
Contest Admin,
Zogam.com Photo Contest 2016.