PRESS COMMUNIQUE ON Guite Road/National Highway 102B PART -II

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PRESS COMMUNIQUE ON Guite Road/National Highway 102B PART -II
Dated: NEW DELHI, the 22RD march, 2016

I gam a Bill thumte ziak a buaina leh haksatnate ziakin National Highway 102B (Churachandpur-Singngat-Sinzawl-Tuivai) local a Guite Road i chihmai uh pawimohna hong kilang semsem a, gen leh sak neneuh leng tamtak hong om ziakin hiai lampi toh kisai Zomi Economic Planning and Development Agency (ZEPADA) in a dinmun kichiantak November 13, 2015 in print leh electronic media ah hon ki khah khia hi. Hiai thusuah navak huai sa leh kipah pih thu tamtak kidong a, tha hon guan mahmah hi. Huai thusuah zoh a kipat a tullel tan a development omte hiai a nuai a bang ahi.

1. Churachandpur to Singngat (0km to 35.5 kms): Hiai kikal pen rehabilitation na diing, DPR omtamahleh tukum 2015-16 Financial Year Plan a dia ki guan zoulou diing bang sim hi. Hiai pen leeng naktaka kum thak Financial Year a dia guanlut ahihna ding in buaipih lel ahi.

2. Singngat to Mualnuam (35.5 to 103 kms): Hiai kikal rehabilitation bawlna diing in Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (RTH), Government of India in 18th July, 2014 a amah nuai a om ding a ana phuhkhiat Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) viz., National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (NHIDCL) in tender, nikum Oct-Nov, 2015 vel in suah khia ua, a bidding bawl diing ana omlouh ziakin tender hun peen suan toutou uhi. A tawp in bidding hong omta in, bidder te et-chetna a neih zoh nung zan dated 21st March, 2016 in hiai kikal lampi bawltu ding in, Guwahati based company, Bhartia Infra Projects Limited, tel khia uhi. Tu'n a semtu diing chiangta ahih ziakin, nasep sawtlou nung ahong kipatpah uh lamet ahi.

3. Sinzawl to Mizoram border: Hiai kikal tu lel a mipi'n social work a nasep i neihna mun uh, double lane dia BRO in DPR a bawlsa uh, MoRT Annual Plan a ki approve zoulou, pen tulaitakin nasatak in kibuai pih lel hi.

Hiai NH102B lampi hoihlou, awlmohna toh ZEPADA in tutkhawllou in pan kila a, BRO leh NHIDCL/RTH Ministry lam a mi poimohte kimu tou den hi. Hiai toh kisai in RTH Ministry consultative meeting poimohtak 21st March, 2016 a om hun in, nget a om bang in hiai thu meeting na ah Dr Chandan Mitra, Member of Rajya Sabha, Chairman, Commerce Committee, Editor Pioneer newspaper and senior BJP leader in hon raise sak ban ah amah letter head in Secretary, ZEPADA Hqtrs, Lamka in NH102B improvement and development na diing ngetna, Shri Nitin Gadkari, Hon'ble Minister of RTH, Government of India kiang ah nisim 22nd March, 2016 in hon forward sak hi.

Hun paisa leh tuni tan a hiai lampi toh kisai a panla, NGO, Officials leh public leaders teng zong kithei mahmah hi. Huaiziak in bangteng gen kualkual ana omkha mah leng zong a taktak a taipih/dianpih ngai thil tampi om ahihdan phawk kawm in, pankhawm dan siam kiziltou zel leng chih kon ngetnopna uh ahi.

Hiai lampi poimohtak, bawl zoh a hih theihna diing in, kuapeuh i pan theihna chiat uah pang in, i biak Pa Pathian kiang ah, thumna toh pangtou le hang, lampi hoihtak i neih ngei uh i lam-en uhi.

Issued in public interest

Information &publicity
Contact Numbers: 9891498509/9899750747/9818433125


06/ZEPADA/BRO-2016/3 the 16th March, 2016

Dr Chandan Mitra,
Hon'ble Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha),
Chairman, DRPSC on Commerce and Member of
Consultative Committee on Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and Shipping.

Subject:- URGENT CALL for improvement/development of NH-102B in Churachandpur District, Manipur.

Respected Sir,

May we draw your kind attention on the subject cited above and place the following facts for kind consideration and necessary actions, please;


(i) The NH-102B, locally known as Guite Road, is the only road connecting Manipur state with neighbouring Mizoram state in the eastern corner of the country.

(ii) Manipur is a land-locked state thereby depending on surface transport for supply of its essential commodities. It has been a death blow to the state's economy or even to its very survival whenever there is prolong bandh, blockages or landslides along Imphal-Dimapur or Imhpal-Jiri Road. In such eventualities, the NH-102B is the only alternative road since essential commodities can be transported from Silchar via Aizawl.

(iii) It is one of the most important strategic road in the country passing along the Indo-Myanmar boundary. The NH-102B covers both Guite Road (Churachandpur-Singngat-Sinzawl-Tuivai river) and parts of Tedim Road (Imphal- Tedim in Chin State of Myanmar) which served as defence road ever since the British. It was along this road that the British India and Japanese Forces had a fierce battle during the Second World War. During the post-independence period, the porous border became an easy ground for drugs trafficking and cross-border insurgency movements.


(i) No words can explain the present conditions of the road. It is pathetic beyond human imagination. Some of the photo clips at annexure I-IV will cleary show its pathetic condition!
(ii) In view of its strategic importance, the road was initially developed by BRO/BRTF under the Ministry of Defence and completed in 1998-99. Then after, it was handed over to the State Government. The road remains unattended for years inviting public out-cry and civil movement for handling over the Road to Central Agency (BRO) in 2008-09. Finally, it was handed over to BRO in April, 2009 who tried its best to develop the Road, however, no major development/improvement was undertaken till date. Subsequently, the status of the road was upgraded to National Highway i.e NH-102B in 2012.But till date after four years has elapsed, no work has been done on the Highway!

(iii) In the process the road became the victim of administrative imbroglio. Meanwhile, there is growing impatience among the public over the deteriorating conditions of the road. Presently, the local populace out of frustration collected money from amongst the civilians started construction w.e.f mid February 2016 between the worst stretch of 13 kilometres between Sinjawl and Tuivai,in Manipur-mizoram border under the name of Manipur Tribal Movement Road Construction Committee(MTMRCC).Photos taken recently on the site are attached as Annexure V-VII.

(iv) For over 17 years since 1999 there is no major works for improvement of the road.


Unless drastic measures are taken up immediately, the condition of NH-102B will remains a national shame. Therefore, we proposed the following steps:-
(i) The DPR already approved by the Ministry for rehabilitation between Singngat-Mualnuam(35.3 to 103 kms) be executed immediately. The Corporation or Company entrusted for the works should begin the work before the on-set of monsoon season.

(ii) The DPR for improvement to NHDL between Sinzawl-Tuivai(13 kms), the area which is most deplorable and is being repaired by the local people, be approved within the current financial year so that the works can start latest by end of 2016.

(iii) The DPR for the rehabilitation of the stretch between Churachandpur-Singngat (0km to 35 kms) already with the Ministry should be processed and work should start at the earliest possible time.

(iv) Finally, the Ministry may develop/improve the road at par with other strategic roads in other part of the country. For that feasiblility study by reputed consultancy firm of NH102B to National Highway Double Lane (NHDL) specification should be commissioned at the earliest.

(v) Top-priority may be given by the NHIDCL/the Ministry of Road transport and Highways, Government of India in view of its strategic location as it will also boost the Prime Minister's grant scheme for 'Act East'.
Yours sincerely

Zomi Economic Planning and Development Agency (ZEPADA),