Public Intimation, Total Bandh in Lamka called by Various Social Media Groups

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Public Intimation 

Total Bandh in Lamka called by various Social Media groups beginning 11th midnight of Feb till 12th midnight ,2016

Alert Zone ( AZ ) in our group deliberations dated 10th Feb, 2016 expressed complete dismay and disappointment towards UPF and KNO on their unilateral decisions to bury the 9 Martyr's on the 13th of Feb, 2016 and resolved to issue the following declarations:

1. AZ declares unconditonal support of the proposed Total Bandh.

2. AZ will extend full co-operation to make the bandh successful and request all the right thinking tribal populace of Manipur to use the occasion to express their solidarity with the Tribal Movement initiated by JAC and MTFD and fight against all unwanted elements which could jeopardise the Tribal movement.

3. AZ would also like to request the UPF and KNO leadership to have a change of heart, feel the pulse of the people and act accordingly to prevent any unwanted and avoidable incidents which could further alienate them from their own people. AZ always believes in People's movement.

4. AZ will continue to extend utmost commitment and support with the MTFD and JAC in their struggle for finding a long lasting solution to the plights of the Tribal people in Manipur and reiterate our unconditional support to all their initiatives and events in future.

5. AZ also requests all stakeholders ( current and future) not to act unilaterally in future and respect the plans and strategies adopted by JAC and MTFD.

6. AZ acknowledged and appreciate the current JAC and MTFD leadership and appeals any outside elements, be it political or otherwise not to influence on the functioning of the people's movement spearheaded by the JAC and MTFD.

7. Alert Zone always believes in a strong and corruption free society and will continue to focus its attention towards social reformation process side by side with the Tribal movement.

Lastly and most importantly ,

AZ believes in an absolutist view - right is right and must always be done, regardless of the circumstances.!!