Mumbai ZCF Logo Design Competition


Mumbai Zomi Christian Fellowship (MZCF) is organizing an open competition to design a new logo for the Fellowship, and invites entries from all enthusiasts and graphics designers among its members and the general public across India and the world. Entry IS FREE and must adhere to the general guidelines below:

  1. The design may be rendered in colour or grayscale. However, a colour design must also be accompanied by black and white (grayscale) version that is suitable for use in prints like letterheads and other stationery.
  2. The design must necessarily have the legend “Mumbai Zomi Christian Fellowship” incorporated as an integral part of the design. The letters used can be uppercase alone or a combination of upper & lower case, and may be in a single straight line or split across multiple lines, or used as a partial or full wraparound.
  3. The design must be confined to 800 x 800 pixels. The final submission must be accompanied by a scaled down 50 x 50 pixel version.
  4. Format for submission: competitors can submit their designs as bitmap images in Photoshop .PSD format or GIMP .XCF format. Submissions can also be made as vector graphic images in Coreldraw .CDR format or Illustrator .AI format or Inkscape .SVG format. All entries must be further editable (non-destructive editing) so no entries will be accepted in pure bitmap formats. For the purpose of preview, your submission (in .PSD, .XCF, .CRD, .AI or .SVG format) must be accompanied by a .PNG version at 800 x 800 pixels and 50 x 50 pixels.
  5. Last date of submission is 31st May 2012. Submissions may be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
  6. Please feel free to submit as many entries as you like. Also, please feel free to tell this to your friends.
  7. Name your file as FirstnameSurname01.xyz, FirstnameSurname02.xyz, etc. Or SurnameFirstname01.xyz, etc.
  8. The rights to all entries in this open competition will rest with the Mumbai Zomi Christian Fellowship. Mumbai Zomi Christian Fellowship reserves the right to reject entries that do not conform to the above guidelines. In case of any dispute that may arise out of this competition, the decision of the Executive Committee of the Mumbai Zomi Christian Fellowship will be final and binding.
  9. The Executive Committee of the MZCF will choose ONE winner, which will be announced in June 2012.
  10. Prize for the winner is Rs 1000/-, payable in cash by bank transfer or cheque.

Hornbill News | 24 April 2012

hornbill news logo* 2nd Paite Nam Khawmpi Committee member te'n Meeting nei.
* Churachandpur Govt.High School ah Free Text Book kihawm.
* DRDA saina in Technical Issues and Account Matters tawh kisai in Workshop om ding.
* IWMP sepsuahna tawh kisai in Watershed Committee in Meeting neiding.
* BADP nasepna enkhe ding in Dr.Buddhadeb Ghosh Principal Investigator ISI Kolkata in Lamka hongpha ding.
* Cycle a Accident Chiinneilam damzoulou in Si.

Tuni sunnung dak 1:00 in Hiangtam Lamka a PTC Office ah kum 2011 a Sinzawl khua a 2nd Paite Nam Khawmpi Committee member te’n meeting nei uhi. Hiai hun ah 2nd Paite Nam khawmpi Committee phiatna leh thu poimoh tuamtuam genkhawm uhi.

Government school-te a dia free text book hong pai te CCpur Block ading atamzaw te’n a lak zoh nung un tuni’n CCpur High School ah CCpur Block nuai a school 64-te a ding hawmkhia uhi. April 26 in Henglep Block nuai a school 25-te a ding hawmkhe nawn ding uhi.

District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) saina in zingchiang zinglam dak 11:00 in District Training Centre ah Workshop on Technical Issue and Account Matters for WDT members under IWMP” om ding hi. Hiai hun ah C Hangshing Executive Director DRDA in IWMP toh kisai pulakna nei ding a, Imphal apan SLNA member bangzah hiam leh DRDA staff te’n thupi tuamtuam zang in sinsak ding uhi.

Hongtung ding April 27 leh 28, 2012 sunma dak 10:30 in District Training Centre ah DRDA saina in Integrated Watershed Management Program (IWMP) sepsuahna toh kisai in Watershed Committee in workshop nei ding uhi. Thusuak in a taklat dan in, April 27, 2012 in Project I (Henglep, Samulamlan leh Tuibuong Block) leh Project III (Vangai leh Tipaimukh Block) te’n workshop nei masa ding ua, April 28, 2012 in Project II (Singngat Block) leh Project IV (Thanlon Block) te’n nein awn ding uhi. Hiai hun ah Block tuamtuam a IWMP toh kisai a Chairman leh Secretary teng tel ding uhi.

Ministry of Home Affairs nuai a Border Area Development Programme (BADP) tawh kisai enkhe ding in Dr Buddhadeb Ghosh, Principal Investigator, ISI Kolkatta in April 24, 2012 in Manipur hongpha ding a, Imphal ah Director(Planning) tawh houlim masa ding hi. April 27, 2012 zinglam dak 10:00 in Lamka hongpha ding a, Jacintha Lazarus DC/CCpur, C Hangshing Executive Director/DRDA leh DRDA official te tawh meeting neiding hi. Zinglam dak 11:30 in Dr Buddhadeb in Behiang (V) leh Hiangtam (K) banah Pakmual khua a BADP nasepna te enkhe ding hi. April 28, 2012 in BADP nasepna enkhe nawn ding a, nitaklam in Imphal ah kiknawn ding hi’n Police thusuak kingah hi.

Apaisa March 30, 2012 in Chiinneilam, 25 W/o Manglianthang of Manniang Veng, Lamka Hanmual kiang ah cycle a tailai accident in liam a, damdawi inn ah a ki et kol nung in zan nitaklam dak 1:30 vel in damzou lou in si hi. Chiinneilam sihna toh kisai in thu tuam tuam tampi om a, himahleh thuthang tuam tuam te, Chiinneilam pasal sanggampa, Zamkhanpau in diklou ahihdn gen hi. Zamkhanpau in a gendan in, Chiinneilam ahihleh a accident zoh phet in, District Hospital ah kipaw lut a, himahleh doctor ten, RIMS a ding a refer bawl uh ahihdan gen in, a case diktak theipah kei mahle uh, RIMS doctor ten, April 1 zinglam dak 12:00 vel a a case thei khia uh ahihdan gen hi. Chiinneilam sihna toh kisai in, a accident hun lai in, puanngou silh, meltheihlouh, khat in enkol chi in thu kithang a, hiai bang a thuthang pen, ei Christian te lak a ding a om theilou ahihdan leh thuzuau ahi chi in gen hi. Chiinneilam ahihleh a accident ziak in, a ngoi(intestine) mun 2 ah kitan in, a gilpi leng mun 1 a kisiat ban ah, a sin leng kise ban ahihdan gen a, RIMS ICU ah ni 7 a om nung ua Ward ah ni 9 sung ki enkol a, lamet om nawn lou chih ziak a inn a ki enkol ding a kipaw khia uh ahihdan gen in, kholai thuthang tuamtuamte zuau ahi chi in gen hi. Chiinneilam luang ahihleh tuni in Lamka haanmual ah vui in om hi.





Ibobi meets Sonia in Delhi

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_ibM7mQx7kNY/TTSigrzM3LI/AAAAAAAAAZ0/-HrK1pQC8p0/s1600/News.jpgIMPHAL: After leading Congress to a landslide victory in Manipur, chief minister Okram Ibobi Singh on Saturday met AICC president Sonia Gandhi in New Delhi. He also called on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at his office and thanked both the leaders for their help in winning the elections. 


Ibobi will also meet Union finance minister Pranab Mukherjee, home minister P Chidambaram and Sonia's political secretary Ahmed Patel. 


Congress leaders here said it was a "courtesy" call by the chief minister to Sonia, the PM and other leaders after the victory. But many politcal observers said Ibobi's sudden New Delhi visit to meet the top Congress leaders is significant in view of the challenge to his leadership by state PCC president Gaikhangam. 


The newly elected Congress Legislature Party (CLP) on Wednesday had authorized the AICC chief to select the new leader. The PCC chief, who is also in the race, is camping in New Delhi along with industries minister Y Erabot Singh. 


Congress sources, however, said the leadership issue has already been settled by the party high command in favour of Ibobi as it was under his leadership that the party could get absolute majority and created a history in Manipur's electoral politics. This success was achieved by Ibobi despite militants - both in the hills and the valley - targeted Congress candidates and workers. 

But many argue that all is not well in the state Congress. "If the high command completely trusts Ibobi, the issue of CLP leadership could have been settled on Wednesday itself. The way it is taking longer suggests real internal power tussle with some top AICC heavyweights backing Gaikhangam," said a political analyst. 


Sources said some AICC leaders want to make Gaikhangam as the deputy chief minister to counter the Naga politics played by NSCN (IM) and United Naga Council (UNC). The PCC chief is a Naga tribesman, who openly opposed NSCN (IM) and UNC. 


Backed by UNC, the Naga People's Front (NPF) has won four seats in the election. UNC has been demanding the integration of all Naga inhabited areas of northeast and also an alternative administrative arrangement for the Naga areas of Manipur. 


This theory is, however, strongly opposed by the Kuki-Paite bloc. Power minister Phungzathang Tonsing, a Paite tribal, is the seniormost leader of Kuki-Paite bloc in Manipur and he is not ready to accept Gaikhangam as deputy chief minister. He airdashed to New Delhi on Saturday to meet AICC leaders. 


Sources said Tonsing's argument is based on the number of tribal MLAs. Of the 14 tribal MLAs in Congress, the Kuki-Paite bloc has eight, while the Nagas has only six. Among the Naga MLAs, three have supported Ibobi. If a Naga leader is elevated to the post of deputy chief minister, the Kuki-Paite bloc will be the first one to revolt in the party -- a situation Ibobi wanted to avoid. 


Manipur PCC vice-president and MLA Mirabai Devi also reached New Delhi on Saturday. The most respected woman Congress leader in Manipur, Mirabai is also likely to brief AICC leaders.