Freedom of Speech & Expression

“Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven images”
kapsiamLiving in the on-line world with the r.apid coming age of internet development and a social networking sites, there seems to be a broad consensus around the entire world regarding freedom of speech and expression. And this will remain the subject matter Q, is going to be the work of generation.

To many ears, freedom means abit of puzzlement under the prevailing law and order where encounters became a daily part of life. To many years, this has been a debated topic age after age and became more loud and strident with the growth of social networker that pushes.

Since our freedom turns now under severe threat, a well-mental look really needs to be taken especially to those users, speakers, writers, twitters, artists and whoseoever settle infront of the internet in such a multiple ideas among such a cross-opinion. So, prevention prior to it may occur, enforce by punishment or before dissemination of their words, thereby deterring could seeks the best way.

Freedom of expression operates in a fairly wide sphere. It has a great potential since it serve the bedrock of democracy and the very basic foundation for the upliftment of the society as well as, on the contrary, it is again a very dangerous weapon which can turn into a violent destruction of the whole society.

And it extends to a wider area. The words of the mouth may take in the other forms of hearing when ideas are expressed freely, though the words are uttered by one’s mouth, unfortunately or otherwise it travel to another person’s ears and words are not always innocent. When hate speech are being expressed it worth more powerful and even travel faster than swords or bullets. It could be the causes of communal riots, conflicts and a bloodshed war.

A Greek philosopher Socrates was even served death penalty in Greece for bieng accoused of exerting undesirable influence on the youth of Athens. Voltaire’s Satire was seized in 1930 and D.H.Lawrence’s poem ‘Lady Chatterley’s lover’ accused and censor on grounds of Obscenity in America(US) and many others like Salman Rushdie have been banned, verbally abused, physically attacked.Books are banned and burned, writers are killed or arrested, excommunicated from their religious congregations, hanged and burned at the stake.

The real point of presenting this work is to give the right to freedom to all users, speakers and writers with fetters around it. While the legitamacy under the law, must deal with the consequences of the freedom which compromises the dignity and to the safety of the people. Though it is allow, there must also claim of justice to be met for the people to be protected from certain types of expression.

We must noted that public order, peace and harmony are the basic requirements that we seeks for the progress and integrity of the society. Every society comprises of different sections of communities possessing different custom traditional attire, cultural practices, religious doctrines, beliefs and norms which are to be protected and preserved, must owe to respect each other as long as there is an organised culture.

One may articulate his ideas in writing through his contribution to newspapers and pamphlets, posters and pictures, magazines and in literary works, cartoons and radio, TV programmes and in street plays, he should always aims at development and prevent obscene behaviour. All promoters and preachers must decide what type of behaviour is regarded the best or decent for the kids, youth, rich and poor, ruler and ruled, and with due respect to the overall sections of the society.

Absolute freedom never existed any where and it can’t be treated absolutely a full license as it has a great liberating force. The idea that constitute a genuine danger to the overall health of the society are not valid and it shouldn’t be presented either orally or in written and published. A particular idea may prove beautiful to the feelings of one communal sentiment and to some social groups while it may be hateful to another groups in a multi-ethnic cultural society like India, thereby  become a source of social disorder.

The problem lies in the issue or its language content in which his ideas were articulated. Grounds of objection may include such arguments that its content doesn’t conform to social morality or which likely to hurt the sentiment of people belonging to particular community, religion, language and tradition. It implies insult to an honourable person or it may cause strained relation with the others or it may jeopardize security of the nation.

Any expression which could likely disrupt the normative order of the society can prove dangerous to the health of the society and which could encourage hatred and division of the harmony should not be produced. If a particular set of ideas that are morally and wrongly corrupting are allow to be disseminated without absence of restriction, certain groups or certain communities, certain religion and certain individual itself will be in danger.

With the internet resulting in a free flow of ideas, thought and opinions, there are always some dirty minds who try to pollute the peaceful atmosphere in the society through an expression of unhealthy minds or ideas.These ideas may pose a threat to the overall interest of the society in general and pluralistic harmony in particular, the problem has acute and assume a global proportion.And, these dirty minds needs to be curb.

Offensive material which is find objectionable and dangerous may consider immoral and obscene, heretical or blasphemous, seditious or treasonable or injurious to the national security and any expression which perhaps corrupt personal morality and even lead to deviant sexual acts, if not curtail, will do harm to individuals in its audience, or to society, culture and humanity as a whole. They are volatile of society’s ethico-normative order and social values.

These is the rational why such stuff, hateful and destructive should not be allowed to see the day of light. Like a certain things which are deemed to be offensive in the God’s eye. It is necessary for the society to control the dirty corrupting minds, to maintain the integrity and a friendly relation within the tribes, communities and a relation between the state and a nation, instead of pronouncing “All united by history”.

Therfore, in these time of fast digital technology increasing WWW, any kinds of expression in an open flow of communication with unlimited freedom, are all facing the axe of censorship, as it exist from a monarchical days of old. A line needs to be drawn between the freedom of expression and public order, where and how much a line needs to be drawn to secure the goal of good life under liberty?

On feb 8, 2013.The Central government of India asked all states to deal sternly about hate speeches in India. Under sec-153 A, 295, 505: Acting tough against wares of inflammatory speeches, the MHA has decided to write to all state govt. to start taking strict action against all those fanning commmunal passion, disturb peace and harmony by expression. With it controlling the dangerous expressions of ideas by those of authority must truely needs to take appropriate steps to maintain the decency & morality & to preserve the integrity of the communal harmony.