Video - 100th Day Solidarity March - Delhi | Lamka

On the 31st of August 2015, the Manipur State Legislative Assembly, under intense pressure from the non-tribal dominant community, passed three unconstitutional and anti-tribal bills which sought to redefine tribal land-rights and land-ownership and what it means to be a "Manipur people".

The ensuing protests by the hill tribes was brutally suppressed by the State Police Commandos, who freely used live bullets on the protesters killing 9 tribal youths, including an 11 year old boy, and injuring more than 50 others in the process.

All the tribals of Manipur, united in their grief and anger over the discrimination and injustice meted out to them, have come together as one voice for the first time in their history, in a struggle to fight not only for their rights over land and identity, but also for their dignity and right to be treated as humans.

As the tribals wait for justice, the nine bodies continue to decay and decompose, bringing normal life to a standstill for the past three months.

The tribals of Manipur in Delhi, who have been holding an indefinite sit-in protest at Jantar Mantar since the 4th of November (31 days), will be marching to the Parliament, the temple of democracy, to seek justice and to let the nation hear their cry.

All concerned citizens, all defenders of the voiceless, all who believe in dignity and self-worth, are humbly requested to join them in a show of solidarity and strength.

This is not a tribal struggle, but a human struggle.

Come and join us!

DATE: December 9, 2015

Time: 01:00PM