Candle Light Condolence for the departed Tribal Martyrs.

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Candle Light Condolence for the departed Tribal Martyrs.

ZNN | New Delhi 3rd September 2015. A condolence meeting and a tribute program was held at JNU open air theater in the evening of 3rd September. Hundreds of Tribal in the capital city of New Delhi came to pay their respect to the departed martyrs. Paulianmang, Henalson, Zamminthang, Khaijamang, Paominlien, Thangzalian, Pausuanlian, Khamsianmuan and Pumkhenthang were the 9 youths were killed in the ongoing Tribal agitation in Manipur.
The program was opened with a prayer by a pastor followed by event briefing from Romeo Hmar who is the convener of the Manipur Tribals Students Delhi. Golan Naulak gave report of the day's activity on the memorandum given to the Minister of Tribal Affairs and he said that the minister was supportive.

The main highlight of the meeting was the lighting of candles to show respect to the departed martyrs. Songs on peace and unity were sang and inspiring and motivating speeches were given by Dr. Chinkhanlun Guite, Capt Hunjan and Ex - MP Mani Cherenamei.

After the meeting at the Open Air Theater, all the people who came silently marched toward Sabarmati Badminton Court holding candles in their hands. One of the leader at the meeting said "the blood of the 9 students who gave their lives will not go in vain and that we will fight till our demands are met"

The crowd sang 'we shall overcome, we shall overcome someday..." and the meeting was ended with a mass prayer for the people back home.