Ashok Prasad, Internal Security GOI visited Lamka, Manipur

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Ashok Prasad, Internal Security GOI visited Lamka, Manipur

ZNN | Lamka, 22 September 2015. The government of India have sent a central team led by Ashok Prasad to investigate the the Manipur tribal situation in Lamka (Churachandpur District). Ever since the Manipur State Assembly passed the infamous 3 bills, 9 tribal lives have been lost and there were continuous agitation in all tribal areas of Manipur. There were also rallies and protests not only in Manipur but in all metropolitan cities of India like New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Assam etc. Memorandum against discrimination of the tribals were sent to the Indian Officials by the tribals who were staying in offshore countries like the USA, the UK, Singapore, etc. Ever since the situation broke out in Manipur and even when 9 lives were lost due to the 3 bills passed by the Manipur government, the Chief Minister of Manipur, Ibobi Singh has not made any condolence statement for the dead nor his concern over the turmoil that happened in his backyard of Churachandpur.

The secretary of Internal Security, Ashok Prasad, a two time Police Medal award winner who is a 1979 batch of IPS officers was sent by the Ministry of Home affairs to look into the matter in Churachandpur. He and his team have flown in from New Delhi yesterday and visited Lamka (Churachandpur) today who were led by LM Khaute, IPS, Govt of Manipur. Crowd cladded all in black greeted them along the road with a hope that he would bring peace and solution to the area. Ashok Prasad addressed a public meeting which was organized at the Churachandpur Public Ground. He said he shared the grieves and pains felt by the loss of lives and that he will take necessary and effective steps at appropriate levels to bring back peace and stability to the area. The JAC convenor Pu Mangchinkhup gave Ashok Prasad a copy of the memorandum and later visited the Hospital morgue to pay tribute to the 9 deads.

The Central team had closed door meeting with the JAC and other important leaders and later had a press conference. The Central team left Lamka at around 12:30pm.

Here is the excerpt of the speech by Ashok Prasad today at the Public gathering in Churachandpur:

Elders and friends,

As you all are aware, on the basis of recommendation received from this area, I have been directed by the Ministry of Home Affairs to come to this area to interact with all of you. And to provide the Government with the feedback on the situations on your concerns and priorities and on your valuable suggestions on the waves of this difficult circumstances. I am grateful to the organizer for providing me these opportunities and also for this overwhelming reception.

I take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt condolences to the families who have lost their dear ones and as a parent and fellow human beings, I can feel their pains and I understand their extend of bereavement. Loss of lives would always be a tragedy more so when it involved those who are plucked away in the prime of their lives. As a brother I share your tears and grief and as a friend I stand by you in your prayers for peace to the departed souls.

These are difficult time that we faced today. A difficult situation that can only be move forward with the help and sympathetic participations of all the stake holders. In fact the relative calm that we produced here today is a tribute to your understanding in the face of great tragedy. I appeal to all of you for continuation of this steering and I particularly appreciate the role play by the mothers and ladies of this area who have appeared in the forefront in helping to stabilized and pacified an extremely volatile situations.

I am also grateful to the elders and leaders of this area for their guidance and their directions that they have provided and continue to provide to steer us through this stormy period. I pray to them to continue to guide and advise us as we work toward the speedy resolution of the issue and the avoidance of further tragedy.

After this I'll be interacting with the different stake holders assisting and listening to their words of concerns and I will be taking their valuable suggestions. Some of you have already been interacting with the Central government and I am aware of their concerns and of the commitment of the government in Delhi to join prosperity and peace of this region with the rest of the country. It will be my endeavor to understand the nuances and complexity of the situation so that necessary and effective steps can be initiated at appropriate levels to bring back peace and stability to this area.

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