Dr. Siamkhanthang Neihsial in Bharat Gaurav Award Sang


India International Friendship Society (IIFS), New Delhi in “Economic Growth and National Integration” chih thupi zanga seminar, 24th August, 2017 aneihna uah Dr Siamkhanthang Neihsial leng “Bharat Gaurav Award “ leh “Certificate of Excellence” in ana pahtoi uhi. Award leh certificate Dr. Bhishma Narain Singh (Former Governor of Tamil Nadu & Assam) in piakhiatna nei hi.

Dr. Siam in tulelin North-East India Young Scientists Association (NEIYSA) ah Vice President (Conferences, Science talks & Workshops) portfolio lenlel hi. Dr. Siam area of interest ahihleh Computational Design of Energetic Material for energy storages, Carbon-based nanostructured leh Design of novel DNA analogues chihte ahi. Peer-reviewed international journal tuamtuam-Journal of Material Chemistry A (Royal Society of Chemistry, London), Journal of Physical Chemistry B (American Chemical Society), Journal of Computational Chemistry (Wiley International). Journal of Molecular Structure, Elsevier), Oxidation Communications (Journal of the Balkan Tribological Association)te ah publication hunkhop nei hi.

Dr. Siam in International conference a presentation ana neihkhakte - The Materials Science & Engineering Congress(MSE-2016), Darmstadt University of Technology, ,Germany , September 27-29, 2016 , topic “First-principles design of a borocarbonitride-based anode for superior performance in sodium-ion batteries and capacitors” bang, huanah, The 108th Statistical Mechanics Conference, Center for Mathematical Sciences Research, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, Piscataway, USA, Dec 16-18, 2012, topic “Understanding the Binding Mechanism of Various Chiral SWCNTs and ssDNA: A Computational Study” te ahi.
Banah, 2010-2014: Postdoctoral Fellow, JNCASR, Bangalore ah ana hiha, 2014-2017: DST-SERB Young Scientist Fellow, JNCASR, Bangalore mahah ana join. 2014-2016 sung : Reviewer, International Journal of Computational and Theoretical chemistry, Science Publishing Group(USA) in anapanag, huan, International conferences 3 leh national conferences 12 ah ana telta bokhi. Organisation tuamtuamte ah leng member ana hiden : Life member , ( Membership No: L13722), Indian Science Congress Association(ISCA), 2014-2017 : Annual Member ( ID: 11040639), Material Research Society(MRS) , 2013-2017 : Annual Member(ID:12355), International Society of Electrochemistry(ISE).

Eimilaka science popularisation tupna ziakin facebook group “Scientific Zomi (SciZo)”, 2013 in ana pankhia. Saptuam lamah, EBCC Bangalore ah termlui in Local ah Ministerial Secretary analen. Banah, Phailian BYF/EBC te laka kumteng a kihomkhia “TUAILAI ETTONTAK AWARD” 2015 akipan in ana pankhia.

Dr. Siam personal URL: www.sneihsial.simplesite.com )