Mercy On Me (M.O.M) ft. Various Artists- SALPHA

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Music by: Mercy On Me (M.O.M) and Deuel Khual( classical guitarist)
Words and Tune: Muanlian Tonsing
Artists: Bethsy Gangte, Carolyn Chingthianmawi ,Mercy Baite, Olivia , Rosalyn Kimbuang Zou

Background of the song:
"31st August,2015" the day which will no longer be erased from our hearts, the day which shall forever be carved in our hearts. The day we heard the TOLLS OF FREEDOM!!

There comes a time when people, not as a result of their own will, but in the name of "JUSTICE" are insisted to act violently against violence, haphazardly against inconsistent and confusing situations....
But,at the end of the day, it is hopefully hoped that the sun will still shines after the Rain.

Through this Song SALPHA, it is the hope and prayer of Mercy On Me (M.O.M) that we The Tribals stand together on our feet, join hands and Tackle what is in front of us, like brothers.
If one falls, two shall stand up.
If two falls, four shall stand up.
And if the whole nation falls?
God is still on our side.

"Where they Built a Gate, we shall build a Wall,
Where they Shed their Tears, we shall set Fire,
And where they Gave their Lives, Justice shall Follow!" Please visit our page at: