No one killed Tualkhanlian. Effigies of the District heads burned

No one killed Tualkhanlian.
Effigies of the District heads burned.

Lamka 6th April 2019 ( The body of the K. Tualkhanlian of Mata Village was finally put into rest today. He was gruesomely murdered on 14 February 2019 with his throat being slit and his body left naked. Despite pressure been given to the Churachandpur District administration by the Joint Action Committee Against Killing of Tualkhanlian(JAC-AKT) to find the culprit behind the murder, the administration failed to catch the culprit and do not have the humanity to award any ex gratia to the family of K. Tualkhanlian. On the other hand, knowing that the government is doing nothing on this matter, the Young Paite Association, a Civil Society Organisation managed to collect an amount of Rs 2,29,690 from the people to help the family of K. Tualkhanlian in a very short span of time.

When contacted to comment on the status of the case and whether any ex gratia have been awarded to the deceased family, the DC and SP do not show the slightest sign of concern and interest. They remained muted to this matter. Their attitude indicated that they do not care about the crimes going on in the town which is under their watch. They do not have the sympathy and humanity to award some financial help to the family of the deceased, which they could easily have done if they wish so. People have now started to speculated that the SP and DC may have been involved in the murder case or are being controlled by the people who are responsible for the death of K. Tualkhanlian.

Today at Mata Village, after the burial of the body of K. Tualkhanlian, the effigies of Shyam Poonia, DC and K. Habib, SP were burned by the people to show their resentment against the incompetency of the District administration.

No one killed K. Tualkhanlian. Who knows, the SP and DC may know.