Churachandpur Photographers Meet held

Churachandpur Photographers Meet held

CCpur, 25th July 2016: A meeting was held on Sunday afternoon at Pearsonmun under the aegis of Zogam Photography Club and Eimi Photographers Group where different persons from Churachandpur District who are interested in the field of photography attended the meeting. Rinawm Tonsing, Convenor and Alan Famhoite, Recording Secretary conducted the meeting.

Pu CT Lian, MDC, New Lamka West, who graced the meeting with his better half said that everyone from different walks of life has aims and ambitions, but not all of our aims and ambitions get fulfilled. So it is important that you have a specific aim in life and that photographers should not be only mere photographers but rather try to be someone who can earn their livelihood through photography. He further added that there is a need to learn from others especially from world renowned photographers.

A handful of points were discussed in this meeting, the following points are passed:

1. 'Photo Exhibition' and 'Photo Walk' to be held at the earliest convenient time.

2. The Photography rate in the Town was discussed as there was a need to regularize it. Wedding Photography minimum rate to be Rs. 5000/-(for one day) from now onwards.
3. A Photographers' Society to be formed in the next meeting.

After Malsawmthanga closed the meeting with a prayer it was followed by dinner.