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Churachandpur/The 19th January, 2016

The Thadou Students' Association, Churachandpur Branch (TSA-CCP) vehemently condemn the brutal assault of Mr. Thangcha Misao S/o (L) Kamsei Misao, 35 yrs of Matijang Village, Churachandpur at Torbung on 18 January, 2015 by the volunteers in the bandh called by the Joint Committee of various association who against the name Thangting. TSA-CCP advice the concerns to understand, and withdraw the indefinite bandh imposed at Moirang area against the alleged misinterpretation of the newly proposed Sub-Division name i.e, "Thangting" as "Thangjing".

The word Thangting (in Thadou) means the apexes (in English) wherein termed after the mountainous range located on the western side of the Tiddim Road. Whereas, Thangjing (in Manipuri) is a name of plant (a noun) growing inside a pond, covered with thorns and nails. Historically, the range/land belongs to the Chief of S. Nabil Village, a Thadou community and it was named by the Thadous as Thangting. As time go by, the valley community had begins its Chingkaba and started claiming Thangting as Thangjing and hence the claim of Thangting on track. Until recently, there was no argument in the name Thangting.

There is no Thangjng plant in and around the hills; it doesn't grow in and around the Thangting range. There is no such pond/lake in Thangting Range to grow Thangjing plant. So, claiming Thangting Range as Thangjing Range thereby disturbing Thangting Sub-Division as Thangjing Sub-Division will not bring any harmony between the valley and the hills people. Instead, will only lead to misunderstanding and create chaos and violence among us. Therefore, as clarified by Mr. Nehlenlal, Chief of S. Nabil on the 6th Jan., 2016, Thangting was given by his forefather and that Thangting hill and its ranges are within his jurisdiction. Thus, TSA-CCP christens it as an unnecessary issue and takes uncalled for.

The old saying in Manipuri "Chingmi Tammi Amatani" should always be remembered for the peaceful integrity among the people living in Manipur territory and one should not invite such self disturbance in this busy world. Therefore, we appeal to all the agitators to kindly and immediately withdraw the bandh in Churachandpur-Imphal (Tedim) Road (NH 150). We also call for the Govt. of Manipur to kindly look in to the matter without delay for the welfare of all the people of Manipur.

If no way out in this regards has been in favorable instantaneously at least by tomorrow, TSA-CCP will react into it and the Govt. of Manipur shall bear all the cost for it.

General Secretary