Take us out of Pherzawl dist : Thanlon

Take us out of Pherzawl dist : Thanlon

Dec 12, 2016, TSE

CCpur, Dec 11 : The Thanlon Sub-Divisional Chiefs Association has petitioned the Chief Minister to revisit the Cabinet resolution and exclude the nearly 50 villages under Thanlon sub-division that have been included under the newly created Pherzawl district.

The chiefs said they appreciate the Government's initiative in creating new districts and believe that it will go a long way in implementing the Government's core policy of setting up a functioning democracy at the grassroot level but for the sake of emotional and economic ties wish to remain and be administered under the existing Chuachandpur district.

"While Jiribam sub-division can be upgraded to a full fledged district and when Tengnoupal district can be created out of areas that include a part of Moreh ADC, we fail to see any necessity for the inclusion of villages under Thanlon sub-division in the newly created Pherzawl district," said a statement issued by the chiefs association and signed by its chairman N Liankhanmang, and secretary S Soikhanding.

Inclusion under Pherzawl district has never been the desire and the demand of the people of Thanlon area, rather the villages demand to be under Churachandpur district, it added.

The villages for which the Thanlon sub-divisional Chiefs Association has sought the Chief Minister and his Cabinet to revert the decision to include the villages under Thanlon sub-division from the newly constituted Pherzawl district are – Aibulon, Bukpi, Bukpi Phailian, Bungjang, Bualmual, Bungpilon, Dailon, Dialkhai, Galkapkot, Gamhui, Hanship, Joupi, Joutung, Khajang, Khoken, Khuang-jang, Leijangphai, Milong- mun, Mong-on, Mualpheng, Nahthialbawk, Phaikholum J, Phaikholum T, Palkhuang, Pamjal, Pangen, Phaijang, New Phaijang, Phaimual, Phaitong, Sainoujang, Saite, Savaipaih, Suangpekmun, Suangsang, Sumtuh, Tallian, Tangnom, Thanlon, Thenzol, Thenzol S, Tuantung, Tuipiphai, Tuiku-Muallum, Vaipheimual, and Zalen C.

Meanwhile, officials who will head the newly created Pherzawl district including its designated Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police last evening left Lamka town for Pherzawl to assume office as well as to make preparations for the Chief Minister's proposed visit on Monday.