Student bodies ask JAC-ATB to discontinue stir

Student bodies ask JAC-ATB to discontinue stir


IMPHAL, June 26: The Hmar Students’ Association, joint headquarter, Churachandpur, and Kuki Students’ Organisation, Churachandpur have in a joint statement asserted that in the wake of withholding of a Bill and referral of the remaining two Bills for review and study by Constitutional experts, the Joint Action Committee against Anti-Tribal Bills has no locus-standi to continue with the movement.

“Initially, the JAC movement enjoyed wide public support from all sections of the society irrespective of dialects or political affiliations. Unfortunately, of-late, for reason best known to those at the helm of affairs, the movement had been side-tracked, thus leading to loss of confidence among the people and the community mandated organizations concerned. Truth be told, the JAC movement is now a movement that is confined to only a few and hitherto unknown organizations. The present functioning style of the JAC raises more questions than answers,” claimed the organisation in the press statement.

The JAC was unanimously formed by the student bodies on September 2, 2015 to spearhead the movement against the three Bills which were passed in contravention of constitutional norms and practices but the Protection of the Manipur People’s Bill 2015, was withheld and the Manipur Land and Revenue Reforms (seventh Amendment) Bill, 2015, and the Manipur Shops and Establishment (Second Amendment Bill) referred for review and study by Constitutional experts, the release stated.

The two students’ organisations said that they will be closely monitoring the activities of the JAC which could lead to misunderstandings among the sister tribes of the district and the state, and if there is any activities that could lead to communal unrest, the two student bodies will not remain a mute spectator and will not hesitate to take up any measure to rectify the same.