FSPA Lucky Draw 2016

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Ref no. OC/16/4
Date: 31 March 2016
I, the undersigned, would like to make this request to the general public on behalf of the Organizing Committee, FSPA Tournament 2016.
That, the Fuh Sim Pi Ahi (FSPA) General Headquarter through its Organizing Committee has decided to organize FSPA Tournament 2016 so as to enable young football enthusiast to use this tournament as a platform for developing and enhancing their football skills.
Preparation for the tournament is in progress and in pursuance of the said tournament the Organizers have launched a ‘FSPA Lucky Draw 2016’ tickets which is to be distributed and sold. The Lucky Draw tickets will soon be available in Lamka and in some cities of India.
It is our humble request to all to kindly buy the Lucky Draw tickets. By doing so, you would be lending a helping hand solely in the future of our football enthusiast youths.
Yours sincerely,
Organizing Committee,
FSPA Tournament 2016.