MTUB Press Release

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H/Number- 114, 8TH Cross, L. Murthy Layout, Geddalahalli, Bengaluru- 560077
Tel# +91-9972419911

Date: 11-11-2015


Manipur Tribals' Union Bangalore (MTUB) was founded on 1st September, 2015 by Zomi Youth Association, Bangalore (ZYA-B), Thadou Students' Association, Bengaluru (TSA-B), Hmar Students' Association, Bangalore (HSA-B), Kuki Students' Organization, Bangalore (KSO-B), etc. with an aim to strive for the development and welfare of all the tribals of Manipur living in Namma Bangalore.

Further on the aftermath of the passing of the three infamous anti-tribal bills by the Govt. of Manipur in its Special Assembly on 31st August, 2015, people's movement began and MTUB unanimously resolved to take part in the (people's) movement against the three bills.

On September 4, 2015 a mass protest against the killing of nine tribal by the indiscriminate firing of the state police and a demand for separate tribal administration in Manipur were held at Freedom Park, Bangalore. A memorandum was submitted to His Excellency, The President of India; His Excellency the Governor of Manipur through the Governor of Karnataka, Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, Hon'ble Chairperson, All India Congress Committee and the Chief Minister of Manipur.

As a matter of grave concern for the plight of Tribals in Manipur, the MTUB relentlessly held a marathon of discussions and considered all the newly formed JACs/committees/forums/unions at various Indian cities as stakeholders and, proposed to form a centralized leadership/committee amongst them. A meeting was called in Delhi on 22nd September, 2015 for the formation of the centralized committee after receipt of preliminary positive responses from all the committee. Unfortunately, due to the visits of Central Observer (Mr. Ashok Prasad, Special Secretary (Internal Security), MHA, GoI) to Churachandpur Town on 22nd September, 2015 the JAC Churachandpur could not attend the meeting. However, the meeting was attended by Committee for Protection of Manipur Tribals, Pune; Manipur Tribals' Union, Chennai; Manipur Tribals' Students' Union, Kolkata; Manipur Tribals' Forum, Vishakhapatnam and Manipur Tribals' Union, Bengaluru. Due to the absence of few stakeholders, the meeting decided to have a meeting with Manipur Tribals' Forum, Delhi (MTFD).

In the meeting with MTFD in the presence of all the representatives from Pune, Chennai, Vishakhapatnam & Kolkata, the MTFD had informed us that they were not in a position to join the centralized committee at that juncture, yet. We unanimously resolved and assigned that the MTFD will call a Tribal Conclave at the earliest for the centralized committee. So far, no sign of the conclave matters is initiated and not yet heard from the MTFD. The primary aim of a centralized committee is to strengthen the people's movement still stands like a distant dream.

MTUB and few other forums/committees/unions still feel the dire need for centralization of all the JACs/Forums/Committees/Unions/etc., without which the unity of all tribals of Manipur and the primary objective of the ongoing people's movement cannot be streamlined, and instead could lead us to nowhere and could eventually turn into a regional/community issue. In such a scenario, trust-deficit of the JAC by the people will escalate and external pressures will mount on to the leaders from the Govt., UGs, etc. thereby turning a mountain into a molehill.

Manipur Tribals' Union, Bangalore (MTUB)