KReF retorts to NSCN (IM) Khurmi region's clarification

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KReF retorts to NSCN (IM) Khurmi region's clarification

IFP - KANGPOKPI, March 4: A progressive socio-cultural reformation forum for the Kukis, Kuki Reformation Forum (KReF) today issued a rejoinder to the GPRN/NSCN-IM [CAO, Khurmi Region] press statement on March 1.

The rejoinder of the Kuki Reformation Forum said that it is obviously not the Kuki CSO's who tarnish the image of the GPRN/NSCN-IM, but the principle of communal and hatred politics of the Tangkhul-centric faction group called NSCN-IM's, which has hurt itself by fomenting hatred, enmity and killing using peace loving Aimol Kuki tribes in Chandel district.

It continued that the NSCN-IM, which was once deemed the mother of all insurgent groups in the Northeast region and who is currently engaged with the Govt. of India in a peace talk, should think twice for its reputation before making such reckless decision to kill an innocent school teacher, Late Thongkhogin Haokip on February 29 and subsequently denying the same when it failed to give reasonable explanation for the crime it has committed.

Vehemently condemning the alleged NSCN-IM's act of heinous crime and its continued disturbance of peaceful atmosphere in the region, the KReF said that the continued aggressive posturing and brazen display of one's might will never ensure peace and tranquility in Chandel district and asked the NSCN-IM to stop its blatant violation of basic human rights immediately and instead strive for peaceful co-existence among the diverse ethnic groups in the state.

The KReF also alleged that the kind of politics of ethnic identity pursued by Mr. Muivah in Chandel districts can be easily understood while adding that the group first terrorized the minority tribes to submission in fear with the use of its arm force, then radicalized the youths one after another and finally made these Kuki tribes formally declared themselves as Naga tribes.

However, the language or dialects, traditions, cultures, clothes, etc shall remain indelible proof that the tribes of Chandel district belong to the Kuki fold, the KReF said while adding that Ch. Chanthoi Aimol, ADC Chandel testified it when he rightly said, "The Aimol's are not 100% Nagas in terms of historical background, culture, tradition and language, they in fact, belong to the Chin-Kuki-Mizo ethnic groups."

The KReF also pointed out that even though TS Prem (Caretaker), Dy. Kilonser, GPRN, Khurmi region denied involvement of his organization in the murder of (L) Thongkhogin Haokip, the Executive Member of ADC Chandel, Ch. Chanthoi has categorically clarified that S.Thangminlal Aimol, s/o S.Lianneithang Aimol, the leader who involved in the brutal murder is a hardcore NSCN-IM cadre from Satu village.

Highlighting the alleged facts of immoral activities of the NSCN-IM in and around Pallel, Chandel district towards the Thadou-Kuki community recently, KReF pointed out that the NSCN-IM attacked Molnom village on February 3 at around 6:30 pm where an innocent villager Lunkhogin Haokip sustained severe injuries in the head and shoulders in the indiscriminate firing.

On February 19, the NSCN-IM waylaid and shot dead Lalcha, s/o (L) Ronghaka of Chehlep village, an unarmed cadre of SoO signatory group UMLA/KNO and Ts Thongkhogin Haokip, an Assistant Hindi teacher was also waylaid, beaten, robbed and tortured to dead by NSCN-IM at Satu village on February 28 at around 4:30 pm.

It further said that the perpetrators in the elimination of Manglun Aimol in Ngairong Aimol village for his bold declaration of his true identity as Kuki are also the main accused in the recent murder of Thongkhogin in Molnom village.

It also alleged that the construction of a gate on the main road is a sinister plot of the NSCN-IM to harassed and create public nuisance upon the nearby Kuki villagers who use this road passing through Satu Aimol village.

"Pallel area had a relatively peaceful and tranquil environment till the arrival of self style Capt. Korosong of the NSCN-IM and the subsequent induction and forceful conversion of some misguided youths of Satu and some adjoining villages to the NSCN-IM and Naga fold", alleged KReF.

It further alleged that the three murder accused involved in the killing of Thongkhogin Haokip identified as Thangminlal, s/o Lianneithang of Satu village; Gronthang, s/o Konseakhup of Khunjai village and Thangboy, s/o (L) Chongneikhup of Satu village are some of the few culprits associated with the militant group in furthering their interest, thereby creating a culture of violence and wanton killing in the area.

The KReF reiterate the state Government to arrest the culprits involved in the murder within 5 days; expedite justice for the family of (L) Thongkhogin Haokip; compensate the affected family with a Govt. job as the victim is the sole bread winner (Govt. Teacher.) in the family; and prevent recurrence of such incident by posting of permanent security camp in the area and to ensure that the GPRN/NSCN-IM respect the Ceasefire agreement it has with the GoI so to restore normalcy in the area.

While urging to appreciate civility, respect the rights of every tribe in the state for peaceful co-existence and work for restoration of normalcy in the once peaceful district of Manipur, the Kuki Reformation Forum appeal to the apex Naga body - the UNC, and the leadership of the GPRN/NSCN-IM to reign in the unwarranted and rogue elements in within the ranks and files of its group so that situation do not spiraled out of control.