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Full Video version of Zogam.com TV TalkShow on Social Reformation vis-a-vis Political Aspiration.

Zogam.com saina in Panel Discussion nei – TV Live telecast leh webcast bawl in om

ZNN | Lamka 24 October 2015. ZOGAM.COM saina in DISCUSSION ON SOCIAL REFORMATION vis-a-vis POLITICAL ASPIRATION chih thupi pansan in, Hornbill Cable Network Studio ah Dt 24th October 2015 nitak dak 6:00 in Panel Discussion nei ua, dak 8:30 vel in program zou thei uh hi. Hiai event ahihleh singtangmite maban ding, khotang leh politics a khantouh semna dinga ngaihdan tuamtuamte kikup khopna hun leh, kong tuamtuam a siamna neite zang a amaute'n i gam dinmun a muhdan uleh a ngaihdante uh kaihkhopna hun a zat ahi. Hiai hun Honrbill Cable Network in live in khah khia a, tua banah internet tungtawn in Live Stream kibawl a, khovel pumpi a mi tuamtuam ten live in enthei uh hi.

Hiai event a Panelist-te ahihleh, Pu LT Ngaihte, IFS, New York & Columnist Zogam.com, Pu Rev Pum Za Thang Tombing, Founder President GETS, Bangalore, Pu Mangcha Thangjom, Convenor JPO, Pu H Mangchinkhup, Chief Convenor JAC, Pu CT Lian Guite, MDC & Social Activist and ZOPA, Pu Dr Chinkholal Thangsing, CEO Touch of Hope Foundation te pang uhi. Huai banah, Special Invitees in Pu Lawmpi, Lecturer, Head of Dept Pol Sc, Rayburn College, Pu Chinlunthang, President UZO, Pu Dr Th Siamkhum, Assoc Professor CCpur College, Pu Khamneithang Vaiphei, Gen Secy VPC, Pi Ngaineikim, President KWHR teng pang in mipi hunkhop in hiai hunzatna uap uhi.





Relief for drivers of E-rickshaws and E-carts

Ordinance promulgated for giving relief to drivers of E-rickshaws and E-carts

The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2014 was passed by Lok Sabha on 18th December, 2014 and wasAshoka-Emblem introduced in Rajya Sabha on 22nd December, 2014 for consideration and passing. The Bill was listed for debate in the business of Rajya Sabha on 22nd and 23rd December, 2014 but could not be taken up for discussion because of adjournment. As the Parliament is not in session and the matter of giving relief to people depending on e-rickshaws is of public interest, it was decided to move for promulgation of an Ordinance by the President under Article 123 of the Constitution of India for carrying out the proposed amendments in the line of Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2014.

To bring relief to people using and driving E-rickshaws and E-carts, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has notified GSR 709(E) dated 08.10.2014 and S.O. 2590(E) dated 08.10.2014 for amending the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 (CMVRs) to include e-Rickshaws and e-Carts and its specifications under the ambit of Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989. While the testing, certification and registration of such E-rickshaws/E-carts have been notified, the requirement of the drivers of such vehicles to have a license to drive LMV for one year, as prescribed under the MV Act, 1988 for getting a learner’s license to drive such transport vehicle, continued to be an impediment.

Under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, no person can be granted a learner’s licence to drive a transport vehicle unless he has held the driving licence for a period of at least one year. As most of the E-rickshaw and e-Cart drivers do not have any license for an year, the extant provision will debar them from operating e-Rickshaws/e-Carts. In order to remove this difficulty and facilitate plying of e-Rickshaw and e-Cart, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways proposed an amendment to Section 7(1) of the motor Vehicles Act, 1988 through Ordinance which would enable the grant of driving licence for E-Rickshaw and E-Cart drivers holding LMV licence, without waiting for the prescribed one year period for transport vehicles.

With the assent of the President, the Ordinance has been promulgated on 7th January, 2015 for giving the relief to the large number of drivers of E-rickshaws and E-carts. This is proposed keeping in view the fact that the E-Rickshaws and E-carts have been allowed a maximum power of 2000 watts and a speed of 25 kms per hour through amendment in the CMVR.

BukpiTimes Award 2014 | Criteria & Form


BukpiTimes Award 2014 | Criteria & Form
Bukpi mite siamsinna lam a masawm zel ding leh hanthawnna in BukpiTimes Admin te 2012 akipan in BukpiTimes Award na bawl ua, tukum 2014 inleng Award hawmna neihsawm in, sapna bawl lel uhi.

Application Form muhtheihna mun te:
(1) Bethesda Pharmacy c/o Deihnou, Dorcas Raod Junction, New Lamka
(2) Bethel Medico c/o Manngaihpaul, Bethe Veng, New lamka.
(3) Lalngak Dukan, Bungmual

Application form download theihna dingte:
www.zogam.com, www.zogamonline.com & www.phuavatimes.com

icon BPT Award 2014 (398.07 kB)

On behalf of the Administrator,

Contact No: 985640084

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