Personal finance, once again

t kaithangNot that I am exemplary, I, nonetheless, continue to feel concerned that everyone, and that certainly includes those working in the private sector, should save and start their finance planning at an early stage in their career. I have been doing my two bits to promote this idea and create awareness. This is an on-going interest. I recently came across a small presentation created by a friend who has made it his business to publicise and solicit people to invest in various instruments. I give below the points of his presentations hoping this will add to encourage us save and invest for our future.

Savings with clear objectives not only create the retirement nest or some other objectives we may have, it also gives us the guts to take a principle-based stand, if needed, or take a break from working for various reasons. Well, I need hardly sermonise on the many benefits. Do find out for yourself if you haven’t done so already.

Caution: The funds cited in the last few slides are, I believe, meant to be examples. One should make informed decisions before choosing any instrument for investment.



This slide shows the rate of inflation against average returns delivered by various investments. Sensex stands for Equities.





#2#2 Vangngaihk » 2013-02-06 16:44

Good,simple,pra ctical,easy to understand presentation.

The root cause that stops us from long-term saving, according to my philosophy, is the very dreaded prediction that 'the world is coming to an end' very soon, any time now,someone knocking at the door,etc. by our religious teachers.They made us believed the rapture is coming in our own life time !So we said, if the world is coming to end so soon, why should I invest ? Take as much as you can and spent as much.Don't wait for tomorrow ! Our minds were indoctrinated with wrong teachings of good tidings,our minds were conditioned to belief nothing else but life is meant to be difficult, you are to be poor as a true believer,etc. There are negative teachings or black sermons. It's time we should have a serious re-look of our teachings/preac hings and make the next generation free of such beliefs.


#1#1 kamlian » 2013-02-06 14:31

Thanks for writing this topic.
I, too feel, its the need (of the hour) and a 'must do' for us all