The Great Faith Walk

davidson newShe had suffered for a very long time. Her sickness was some kind of hemoharrge . To suffer from such disease for twelve long years will not be an easy thing. She ran from doctors to doctors.But according to the  Bible, it rather grew worse . All worldly medicine and knowledge could not heal her. She  had been in lots of pain and worry and was in total despair.


Then someone told about Christ. She wished “ Only if I could touch His clothes”


And she did not just confine to her home. She  took the great walk of faith. Bypassing many crowds, she made the famous desperate attempt. She knew she was unfit to go out in public due to her sickness. She knew people could have scorn her for venturing out as she was considered “unclean” socially. Still then, she reached out  and   touched Jesus  and her sickness was gone!


Each one of us have our own problems ,worries. Some suffers from emotional pain, some from physical sickness, addictions. We all longed for solutions, healing. There are times we have consulted Pastors, psychiatrists, doctors but   the same old problem persists.  We often cry how long we have to suffer this pain? If that be the case, may be its time to take the walk of faith like that of the woman.   One touch of Him can change our destiny. His touch can change our lives.