ADCs to sit in Demonstration at Delhi

news-logoRepresentatives of the Hundred and Forty Four odd ADC members from Manipur Hill Areas will be holding a demonstration in New Delhi on September 5 afternoon at Jantar Mantar. The demonstration will begin at 3 pm. The members will also meet the press at the demonstration venue.


A note by the ADCs member 

The existing 6(six) Autonomous District Councils (ADCs) in Manipur i.e.( 1) Churachandpur( 2) Chandel (3) Sadar Hills (4) Senapati (5) Ukhrul and (6) Tamenglong were installed in the year 1973 in pursuance of the North Eastern Reorganization Act, 1971 and later subsequently passed as Parliamentary Act called ‘The Manipur(Hill Areas) District Council Act, 1971’. However, the council after functioning for about 16 years, were denied of the powers and functions of the Acts and Rules .

Hence, the subsequent Election to the Member of District Council was boycotted from 1989 in demand for extension of the Sixth Scheduled Provision of the Indian Constitution ( Art 244) in all the six (6) ADCs.

In 2010 elections to ADCs were held under the Manipur(Hill Areas) District Council, Third(3rd) Amendment Act 2008. Since then, the elected members have been sincerely functioning with the hope that after 20 years of absence of Local Self Governance the aspiration of the tribal people would be realized.

However, even after completion of four (4) years the condition of the ADCs is disappointing and has no meaning in its existence as an autonomous entity.

According to the 2008 Act Power to the 26(twenty six) subjects were enlisted under Section 29 in sub-section (1) of the principal Act but more than half of the subject has not been devolved till date even though the Govt. issued order to this effect. Further, no Rules corresponding to the Act of 2008 in regards to Finance, Power and functions etc. were frame till today.

That, the demand for implementation of Sixth Schedule Provision to the Hill Areas of Manipur is not a new issue but pending solution for more than four decades. Three successive Govt. at the State had adopted resolutions for its implementation based on the recommendation of the Hill Areas Committee(HAC). We have also been consistently pursuing the matter with several central leaders.

It is also important to note that the Hill Areas of Manipur is the only Tribal Areas in the North East India which is unattended to and unjustly left out from extension of the Sixth Schedule Provision to the Constitution of India. Whereas, all Tribal Areas in the whole of the North Eastern State such as Mizoram, Meghalaya, Assam and Tripura had been Extended to the Sixth Scheduled Provision to safeguard the interest, customs and culture of the tribal. 

Till today there has been no progress nor any move by the State nor the centre. Therefore , the representatives of the Autonomous District Council is holding a peaceful demonstrations to express our grievances at the indifference of the State and central government towards the plight of the Hill tribal people.

This present situation all over the Hills of Manipur is due to absence of Local Self Government. We believe strengthening this very basis of Democracy will strengthen our rights and usher in development and progress in the hill areas. 

For and on behalf of all the ADCs

Shri. Langkhanpau Guite ( 09856402088 ) Shri. Shri. Demmang Haokip ( 09612598905) Shri. H. Mangchinkhup (09862085913) Shri. Lal Hossan ( 09862043668 ) Shri. M. Gouzamang Guite ( (09089865566) Shri. Genneikhup Vaiphei ( 09718206921) Shri. Kamsuanlun ( 09862088217) Shri. Molung Leirung ( 09612333790) Shri. Hemjathang Khongsai ( 09612709482)