Written by Dr Ginlianlal Buhril
Kut Chibai: A very sincere and warm KUT Chibai to all my fellow friends from North-East India, respected  KUT Pa 2009 Pu W L Hangsing IRS and KUT Pa 2013 in absentia Pu L F Tusing. I extend my sincerest Congratulations to our KUT Pa 2014  Pu D P Haokip IRS. Measured by any parameter he is an outstanding personality. Much will be expected from him in the coming years. We salute both the Kuki Welfare Association and Kuki Students Organization Mumbai  for spearheading  the KUT 2014 Celebration in Mumbai.
KUT yesterday, today and tomorrow: Historically and traditionally KUT Celebration is a post-harvest festival for the Mizo-Chin-Kuki-Zomi-Hmar ethnic communities. In Mumbai, KUT still is the only occasion where we all  can come together. This Culturally-blessed, unique and distinctive oneness must be honored  at all cost. Kut provides us a time to come together, get to know each other better and in the true spirit of the 21st Century network and collaborate. For us collective wisdom matters. For us individual accommodative brilliance matters. The world must acknowledge our quality, hard working attitude and enterprising mindset. Anything less than these will not work.      
How has the last one year been for you ? Truly, we are thankful we still have very powerful instruments such as Kut, Sikpuiroi and Zomi Nam Ni to bring us together as One. Leadership may change. The Spirit of unity remains. Ours is always a message of hope. Ours is a message of inclusivity. Ours is a progressive world. How has the last one year been for you ?  Very rewarding and very prosperous it must be. KUT Celebrations have always been about a fruitful harvest.
KUT your name is Resilience: Like this great city of Mumbai our strength lies in our resilience- the never-die spirit.
This spirit brought us to this City; the same spirit  make us shine. Again and again. Judged by the background we come from, ours is a case of charcoal turned into diamonds because we can bear the heat of change and transformation.
Ours is also a VUCA World: The world we live in continues to be  a VUCA world – volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous. The evil one continues to attack our mind, body, will, heart and conscience. But a restless heart usually leads to a reckless life.” The heart of every problem is the problem in the heart.
21st Century is a Time for the Mongoloids race:  Go to you-tube and watch Pu Dr Rochunga Pudaite life chronicled in ‘ Beyond the next mountain’ -recently undertaken by the Mumbai Colaba Baptist Church as a Case Study.Go to you-tube and observe Itanagar-based Film maker Deyu Tabyo film ‘Stanger in my land’. Our time is now.
Gurus of Change and Progress:  Kurt Lewin’s Force Field Analysis is about ‘driving force’ and ‘ restraining force’. Kurt Lewin’s 3 Step Model of Change, John P Kotter 8 Step Model of Change and C.K Prahalad and Gary Hamel ‘The Core Competence of the Corporation ‘ reminds us to strengthen our Core Competence if we must have a future. KUT can be a very powerful instrument of Change and Progress. Clearly, KUT stands for change and an accommodative mindset.
Little is much if God is in it: As of now, our future lies with what I called  “ the 6 C Model “. Build up, nurture and strengthen your - “ Character, Competencies, Commitment, Creativity, Courage and Contribution.”

Thank you very much indeed. I do appreciate your patience in listening to me. 


Dr Ginlianlal Buhril, (Mumbai KUT Pa 2010)
Mumbai KUT 2014
November  1, 2014  (Saturday)
Mumbai University Auditorium


Case Study 1:   
Dr Pu Rochunga Pudaite and Mawii Pudaite  – Founder of the Bibles for the World.

In 1908, Watkin R.Roberts, a 22 year old Welshman set off to India to share the Christian message with the people of India. He taught the Hmar Tribe the Gospel of John. Rochunga Pudaite, born in 1927, was introduced by his father Chawnga (an early convert) to Christianity. As a ten year old boy, Rochunga made a 96 (150 km) journey alone through the jungles to attend a Mission School. His father wanted him to learn and read and write and help the Hmar people to read God’s word. Rochunga made this trip alone four times a year. Rochunga went on to earn a Master Degree from Wheaton College. He translated the Bible in the Hmar language for his people. He founded Bibles for the World. In 1956 Rochunga met the Welsh Evangelist Watkin R.Roberts who brought the Gospel to the Hmar people. Thanks to the Grace of God the region of Hmar India is primarily Christian. It is more Christian than Australia or the United Kingdom.

(Source: www.Christianfaith.com/stories of Christian faith)

Case Study 2:
Documentary Film ‘ Stranger in my Land ‘ made by Duyu Tabyo
“ The film is an eye opener for mainland Indians. Every person from the North East can relate to it with experiences they faced at times while being in metropolitan cities. The documentary takes up the issue of the North Eastern people’s experiences in big cities particularly in Delhi.
The film talks about situation when an entire nation fights against racial discrimination being faced by the Indians in different countries but unfortunately Indians are also going through the same fate of pain and humiliation at the hands of their own fellow citizens in some parts of their own country making them feel stranger in their own land. 

(Source: The Arunachal Times, Wednesday, 22nd October, 2014)