Review: Tulpan Kai by Alobo Naga


Review: Tulpan Kai - Deuel Khual
Reviewed by Alobo Naga, winner of MTV Europe Award 2012 - Best Indian Act.

Ei Zomi sung a classical guitar tum siam a i neih uh heutupa Deuel Khual in music video a bawl Tulpan Kai khovel a lasa siam MTV award ana la ngei Alobo Naga in hon reviewed sak theih manin hamphat huai kisa hi. Tulpan Kai review leh Alobo profile tam lou a nuai ah i taklang ahi.

First of all, Its an honour and privilege. I had a great time writing the review of this Music video.

It was a very wise choice and a good strategy to pick this old local traditional classic, instead of western songs like any other musician or artiste would do.

Even though I'd never heard the song, I felt like i knew the song from the first time i heard it because of its catchy and friendly melody.

The interlude took all my attention from the word go. Deuel played very well and maintained the intensity and the melody throughout the song. The variations between the songs were amazing and breath taking. He captured the emotions of the song very well that, even without the lyrics sung, i could literally feel the song. The harmonics were very well placed and it gave more edge to the song.

The video took me back to the old western movies; the colour tone , location selection, editing, cinematography and directing. Basing on the budget, the final outcome was very impressive.

Best wishes to the entire team for taking the initiative to keep this old traditional music alive and taking music from North east to another level.



Alobo Naga is an Artist, composer and a songwriter and one of the most refined & popular & well known Artiste from North East India. He started expressing his passion for music at the tender of 5 and by the age of 12 years he began performing his original composition. Besides being a performing artiste he does compositions & write music for films, serials etc.

Alobo Naga holds a Licentiate in Music performance certificate in Contemporary Vocals (LRSL), from Rock School, London, the first from India to pass the exam.  

He is awarded as the Nagaland State Icon, by the Election Commission of India for the SVEEP Campaign in the state.
Alobo Naga besides being a Solo Artiste, he is also the front man of the band,”Alobo Naga & The Band (ANTB), an Indian rock outfit from Dimapur, Nagaland, formed in 2010. Since 2010, The band rose to fame in 2011 with their video single ‘Painted Dreams’ which was an instant hit; it was premiered in August 2011 at VH1. The popularity of the video also helped the band to earn themselves MTV Europe Music Awards 2012 nominations for Best worldwide Best Act and winning the “Best Indian Act” award.