(Exhortation especially to my fellow Youths')
By:- Mr Thangkhanlal Guite @Mr.Guite
New Delhi, Dated 25rd-5-2016


Mistakes, Failures and Success
At the out set, I was thankful to our Merciful Almighty Heavenly Father for giving me this precious opportunity to write an exhortation articles in good faith for the development of our Personality and Success in our life especially to my fellow "Youth" Colleagues. Since these days we have seen the Civil Services Result, Class-X & Class-XII etc.etc. So, I personally feel the time has come for Right Guidances/Exhort them in their pursuit of Success in life. Most peoples lack right guidances especially we the Tribals' peoples. In the pursuit of success and excellence, do not be disheartened by failures, but leant from our mistake so that failure becomes your stepping stones to success. Every setback, every stumbling block, every obstacle on the way to success makes success taste sweeter.

Ends and Means
The means to an end is as important as the end. Employ ethical means to achieve a noble end. Generally, there are no short-cuts to success(its just for a very few genius persons' only).

Doing Things Differently
It is said, "Winners do not do different things; they do things differently". In order to success in life, Hard work, Positive Attitude and Discipline are a must. Developed a punctual routine scheduled in your pursuit to success. Never forget that this days are a competitive war cut-throat healthy competitive world. Lets analyzed carefully our failures/weak points and go deep into the root cause that led us to failures and then find a way out of it. So that you will definitely feet Better not Bitter anymore.

Develop the good habit of reading good books; have good books as your best friend. If you want to shine in life, if you want to become a men of success or a women of success in this competitive world. Be very selective and read only a goods books that will ultimately lead you to success in life. The reasons behind is that in this world there are so many dirty books that can destroyed your good mentality and your good character.

Know Yourself
Introspect yourself and self examination is very important things to solve your problems so assessed yourself or take right guidance's from your seniors. Self knowledge is important success and to be at peace with your inner self. Analyzed carefully your strengths and weaknesses; go deep into the root cause of failures.

Have Patience

Let failures never frustrated for your/our further attempts at scaling the ladder of success. We should enjoy Hard Work and never take as a punishment. No triumph comes without giving efforts and overcoming obstacles. Be always committed to your cause. Do not forget that the fruit of patience is always sweet. Every little step towards success adds to your kitty of self-confidence. Enrich this kitty, learnt from your failures; build upon them for a better tomorrow.