Career in Chartered Accountants(Updated)


A thei zo di hiaizah lak a, hiai bang gelh di’a phawk a ka om ka kipak. Khovel siamna sangtak ah i dingta a, survival of the fittest, siam hih ziak a mi phak di ahi nawnkei a, a siampen hih a ngaita hi. Tuni in ei Zomite’n i pawk naai manglouh uh, Chartered Accountants toh kisai, siamsin naupangte’ theih di’a poimoh bangzah hiam leh, kei’ muhdan-le-theihdan bangzah hiam toh i kikumsuk diing a, i kikup kawmkawm in dotna omthei bangzah hiam leeng ensuk diing. I kikupsuk madeuh in, eilamte’n 60% lakvel scoring nei a, i nabuai pih mahmah uh, ‘a institute a hoih diam aw?’ chih toh kisai in, a institute history hiai bang ahi:


The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) is a statutory body established under the Chartered Accountants Act, 1949 (Act No. XXXVIII of 1949) for the regulation of the profession of Chartered Accountants in India.


Chiamteh in:
IPCC/IPCE - Integrated professional competence course/exam
CPT/CPE - Common proficiency test/exam


CA bangchi le’ng hithei a zilthei diing:
(i)Enrol with the Institute for Common Proficiency Test (CPT) after passing class 10th examination conducted by an examining body constituted by law in India or an examination recognized by the Central Government as equivalent thereto.
(ii)Appear in CPT after appearing in the senior secondary examination (10+2 examination)conducted by an examining body constituted by law in India or an examination recognized by the Central Government as equivalent thereto and after completion of specified period (60 days) from the date of registration for CPT with the Board of Studies as on the first day of the month in which examination is to be held, viz., students registered on or before 1st April/1st October will be eligible to appear in June/December examination, as the case may be. However, candidate should pass both CPT and 10+2 before registering for Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC).
(iii) Enrol for Group I or Group II or for both Group I and Group II of Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC) to become “Chartered Accountant”.
(iv) Successfully complete 9 months of study course from the date of IPCC registration.
(v) Successfully complete Orientation Course of one week spanning 35 hours and covering topics, such as personality development, communication skills, office procedure, business environment, general commercial knowledge, etc., before commencement of articled training.
(vi) Successfully complete 100 hours Information Technology Training (ITT) before commencementof articled training.
(vii) Appear and pass Group I as well as Group II of Integrated Professional Competence Examination (IPCE). Group I is composed of four papers and Group II is composed of three papers.
(viii) Register as Articled Assistant for a period of 3 years, on passing either Group I or both the Groups of IPCE. Articleship pen ahih leh na thil zil pen practical chih na bangbang ahi. A lamdang lua ahikei. Company leh CA firm ah na hih a ngai diing.
(ix) Register for CA Final Course and prepare for CA Final Examination.
(x) Undergo General Management and Communication Skills (GMCS) (15 days) course while undergoing Final Course and serving the last 12 months of articled training.
(xi) Complete 3 years period of articled training.
(xii) Appear in the Final Examination on completion of the practical training or while serving last 6 months of articled training on or before the last day of the month proceeding the month in which the examination is to be held.
(xiii) Pass final examination and complete GMCS, if not completed earlier.
(xiv) Enroll as a member of ICAI and designate as “Chartered Accountant”
(xv) CA na hi ta mai ve.


(A daan in IPCC exam ma a orientation course leh ITT zoh ding chih himahleh, ataktak in ngai sese lou hi. CPT na hon pass chiang in, IPCC na ki-prepare na diing a 9 months kia hun nei diing na hi a, 100hours ITT leh 35 hours Orientatin course a diing hun omlou hi. IPCC exam zoh chiang in kha 3 phial mahmah suti om a, huai hun in atung a i gen ITT leh orientation-te thoveng leh nuamtak in hih theih hi. Himahleh, hiaipen bangtan zattheih ding hiam chih bel theih ahikei. A zil(d)te’n hiai toh kisai bengvaak tak a om gige kuul diing).


Tun a examination structure leh CPT, IPCC leh FINAL kichite ensuk nawn leuleu ni:-


Common Proficiency Test (CPT):
1. What is the Common Proficiency Test?
 It is an entry level test for Chartered Accountancy Course. It is a test of four subjects i.e. Accounting, Mercantile Laws, General Economics and Quantitative Aptitude. This test is of 200 marks. This test is divided into two sessions of two hours each (9.00 – 11.00 a.m. and 12.30 - 2.30 p.m.). CPT is an objective type test with negative marking.


2. Who can join the course?
 A student who has passed the 10th standard examination conducted by an examining body constituted by law in India or an examination recognized by the Central Government as equivalent thereto may register for Common Proficiency Test.


3. How to apply for admission to the CPT Course?
 A student is required to apply in the prescribed form.
 A student may buy Prospectus remitting Rs.100. The application form is available in the Prospectus. Alternatively, the application form can be downloaded from our website, ICAI.ORG


4. What are the subjects to be studied?
 SESSION – I (Two Sections– Two hours – 100 Marks)
Section A: Fundamentals of Accounting (60 Marks), class XI leh XII a kigawmkhawm ahi deuh.
Section B: Mercantile Laws (40 Marks), Indian contract act, sales of goods act leh Indian partnership act ahi.


 SESSION – II (Two Sections– Two hours – 100 Marks)
Section C: General Economics (50 Marks), Class-XI leh XII kigawm khawm ahi deuh.
Section D: Quantitative Aptitude (50 Marks), Class-XI leh XII mah ahi.


Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC)


1. What is Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC)?
 Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC) is the first stage of the Chartered Accountancy course in India. In IPCC curriculum only working knowledge of core and allied subjects to accountancy profession is instilled. The unique feature of the entire theoretical education of the Chartered Accountancy curriculum is the supportive and complementary practical training. A student would undergo theoretical education and 3 years of practical training after passing Group-I of IPCC.


2. Who can enroll for IPCC?
 a)A candidate is eligible for enrolment to IPCC on passing the Common Proficiency Test (CPT) and Senior Secondary Examination (10+2 examination) conducted by an examining body constituted by law in India or an examination recognized by the Central Government as equivalent thereto.
b) A candidate who has already passed Chartered Accountants Entrance Examination or Foundation Examination or Professional Education (Examination – I) shall be eligible for enrolment to IPCC/Accounting Technician Course subject to complying with relevant conditions.
c) A candidate who was already registered for erstwhile Chartered Accountants Intermediate Examination under Para 2 or 2A of Schedule B of the Chartered Accountants Regulations, 1988 or Professional Education (Course – II) or Professional Competence Examination cum articleship shall be eligible for enrolment/ conversion to Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC) subject to complying with relevant conditions as laid by the Council in this regard.


(Tu in institute a pan notification a om a, B.Com with 55% te’n CPT exam lou in IPCC a exam theita diing uh. Articleship leeng a panpah thei ding uh. Hiai toh kisai sepkhiak hita hiam chih bel kithei chiang nailou a, B.Com zousa CA lunglutte a diing a pilvanna ding khat ahi).


3. How to apply for admission to the IPCC?
 A student is required to apply for registration in the prescribed form:
- A student may buy Prospectus by remitting Rs.100. The Registration Application form will be supplied with Prospectus available at sales counter of decentralized offices.


Curriculum for IPCC:
Six subjects and Seven Papers of study in IPCC are –
Group I
Paper 1:Accounting (100 marks)
Paper 2:Law, Ethics and Communication
Paper 3:Cost Accounting and Financial Management
Paper 4:Taxation
VAT (25 marks)
Group II
Paper 5: Advanced Accounting (100 marks)
Paper 6:Auditing and Assurance (100 marks)
Paper 7: Information Technology and Strategic Management
The level of knowledge expected of students in the above subjects is ‘working knowledge


Curriculum for Final
Group I
Paper 1: Financial Reporting (100 Marks)
Paper 2: Strategic Financial Management (100 Marks)
Paper 3: Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics (100 Marks)
Paper 4: Corporate and Allied Laws (100 Marks)
Section A: Company Law (70 Marks)
Section B: Allied Laws (30 Marks)
Group II
Paper 5: Advanced Management Accounting (100 Marks)
Paper 6: Information Systems Control and Audit (100 Marks)
Paper 7: Direct Tax Laws (100 Marks)
Paper 8: Indirect Tax Laws (100 Marks)
Section A: Central Excise (40 Marks)
Section B: Service Tax & VAT (40 Marks)
Section C: Customs (20 Marks)


(A taangpi in tulai form fill-up online in a hihtheihta a, CA course toh kisai apply na diing in bel mode of payment credit card kia a om. Credit card chih louh, online a i hihkeileh leeng cash payment himhim a omkei a, DD (Demand Draft) ngen a sum piak ahi. Or online a form fill-up in (for orientation and ITT), DD number gelh a, awl a i fill-up na print out laak a, i DD toh a institute a va submit ahita).


100 Hours Information Technology Training:

1. What is Information Technology Training (ITT)?
 As a part of the scheme of education and training for Chartered Accountancy Course, a student has to mandatorily pursue a course on 100 hours Information Technology Training from any of the ITT Centers established at Regional Offices/ branches and Chapters of ICAI all over the country.


2. What are the eligibility norms for a student to undergo 100 hours ITT?
 For a PCC student, 100 hours ITT would commence during articled training but before appearing for PCE.
 For an IPCC student, 100 hours ITT would commence after a student registers for IPCC. Students are required to complete the training before appearing in IPCE.


4. Who will conduct the 100 hours IT Training?
 The 100 hours ITT is conducted through ITT centers established by the ICAI


7. What is the day wise schedule of the ITT Centers while conducting IT Training?
 The branches follow a teaching schedule of 3-5 hrs per day, covering 100 hrs in maximum 40 days. Normally, it is completed in 25 days @ 4 hours per day.


8. Is it necessary for a student to get registered with the Board of Studies for undergoing 100 hours ITT?
 No, when a student registers for IPCC with the Institute, automatically he/she is granted registration for ITT.


9. Does the Board of Studies provide any study material for ITT to the students?
 Yes, the Board of Studies provides set of study modules covering various topics of the ITT


10. Can a student undergo ITT from the first day of registration in IPCC scheme?
 Yes, a student is eligible to enroll in 100 hours ITT course on receiving the registration letter for IPCC course.


11. Is 100 hours ITT part of the articled training?
 Yes, it is a part of the articled training. However, for attending 100 hours ITT, an articled assistant should take permission of the MIT / Principal in this regard.


12. Is there any Final Examination in 100 hrs ITT course?
 Yes, the Final online examination of the duration of 3 hours would comprise of 200 objective type questions of 1½ mark each totaling 300 marks. The weightage of final online examination is 60%.


13. What is the evaluation pattern of 100 Hours ITT?
 100 hrs ITT evaluation process comprises of 3 components as stated below:
Description Weightage out of 100%
Module Tests (Two) 20%
Project 20%
Final (Online) Examination 60%
A student is required to obtain 60% in aggregate taking into account Module tests, Project and Final examinations. In case, a student fails to secure 60% or more in aggregate, he/she may be allowed to reappear for online examination free of charge only upto two more attempts. No fees shall be charged by the Accredited Branches for such cases. However, if a student fails to secure 60% marks even after three attempts including the first attempt, he/she has to pay a nominal fee not exceeding Rs. 300/- to the accredited branch for every additional attempt.


14. Will the Institute issue certificate to a student after the successful completion of 100 hours ITT?
 Yes, a student who successfully completes the 100 hours ITT course is issued a certificate by the ITT center at which the student has pursued the course.


(Orientation toh kisai ahihleh a houh(simple) luat ziak in gen sau dah ni. GMCS leeng final i pass nung a hih diing ahihpat ziak leh thupilua ahihlouh ziakin tua i gen sau phatuam pah lawmlawm lou diing bang hi).


Scholarship toh kisai ei a dia apply om thei sun saulou hiai bang ahi:


Need-based and weaker sections Scholarship: Students of Professional Education Course – II/Professional Competence Course/IPCC and Final Course are eligible to apply for award of Need based Scholarships provided their parents’ annual income is not more than Rs.1,00,000/- per annum. 100 Need-based and weaker sections scholarships are awarded every year @Rs.1000/- per month for a maximum period of 18 months for PE-II and PCC/IPCC and 30 months/balance period of articleship for Final Course. The payment of scholarship is liable to be discontinued in case the recipient does not pass the PE-II/PCC/ IPCC/Final Examination in the first two eligible chances. For SC/ST/OBC category students, an additional amount of Rs.100/- p.m. will be paid.
(Adang tampi om lai mah leh india a rank 1, 2 leh 3 tan lazoute a di khong ahihziak in gelh sau dah phot ni in).


Ka muh dan leh ka na experience na tan thu tamlou hon kum zek ning maw:


1. Chartered Accountants na zil utleh, India pumpi et in ICAI nuai lou ah azil theih na diing himhim a omkei.
2. CA pen sapgam (USA) ah CPA (Certified Public Accountants) achi uh .
3. Tu-le-tu in CA zil di’a ki enroll mihing 6,50,000 val omzou hi. CPT, IPCC leh Final kum khat in nihvei exam a om gige.
4. Articleship hihte’n tulai in a tangpi in metro city-te ah Rs 5000-6000 kikal bang stipend a mu zou uh.
5. CA i chih correspondence course ahi. Class ahihleh coaching in apai taangpi simvek. ICAI te’n le mun khenkhat ah regular class a nei veve uhi.
6. I gam ua CA a kitheih khaklouh luatziak ahihleh organisaton, trust, company leh mi hausa a om nailouh ziak hi ding in ka gingta. Contractor-te kia mi hausa a kinei hisim mawk!
7. Tu-le-tu in Manipur ah CA 3 kaan om diing in ngaihsut huailou hi.
8. CPT toh kisai ahihleh online exam le a om ta.
9. CA a unique na ahihleh ICAI a membership ahihna uh hi in ka thei. CA exam na di’n percentage a poimohkei. Stream teng inle a apply theivek uh (for class 12 students). A pass uh leh felh uh bel thutuam ahi ding. Commerce ten a apply tangpi ua, Science students, CA a lunglut mahmahten le a apply uh. Arts te’ a diing in bel lampi om lua hi in ka mu kei.
10. Study material toh kisai ICAI te’n a pia ua, laibu dang lei a ngai vet kei ( na hon zil hial ching in laisim lunglut mi na hih leh reference book bel tampi heutute’n ahon geen diing ua, na leileh na leilouh nang thu ahi. Exam ahihleh institute text book pansan ngen ahi).
11. Registration na bawl ni in complete text book honpe ding ua, sum senna di a om nawn tuan kei. A tangpi et in sepna sang in CA na zil suak louh di a lauhhuai zo ahi tangpi hi.
12. India pumpi (heutute hon gen dan in) pass percentage toh kisai in CPT ah (15-25)%, IPCC ah (09-13)% leh Final ah ahih leh 0.5% per 100 student ahi taangpi hi. 2010-2011 lak veel in hiai pass percent hong khang mahmah. 35-40% tan bang tungzou hi.
13. CA zil man ahih leh Professional course ding in a tawm mahmah. A vek in Rs 35,000 in ahon daih geih ding hi (including study material). Coaching na lak leh bel na coaching fee a tuam ahi ding. Kum 3 khong graduation hih a job guaranteed omlou saang in, kum 4.5 zil a job guaranteed chih phetlouh, problem of choice in jobs hoih zo maithei hi.
14. Laisim dan toh kisai in ahihleh CA zousate thugen ka zakna tan ah, nikhat in dakkal 10 khong lai ka sim achi uh (vai brilliant pipite ahi zomah ua, ei Zomite a ding in bangzah a ngai dia le? Tuat mah!).
15. Tulel in india pumpi ah CA zousa, 1,67,300 khawng a om. India pumpi a engineering, management, MBBS zou kumteng a a lakh sim omte toh et in CA zou a tawm mahmah lai hi. Sepna toh kisai in Insurance Company ah CA te a ding himhim AO a om tuam se, Bank ah ahih leh Scale III/IV (specialist officer) khawng in a kipan uh. Pawan Hans Helicopter te’n tunai zek (2010) in CA te a laakna uah a basic salary uh Rs 32,000 lak khawng ahi.
16. Sepna toh kisai ahihleh employment news a kigelh dan et in tamthei mahmah hi. Employment News sim himhim mah dih… CA toh kisai a demand kha hoih mahmah thou eive. Issue 5 lak ah 3 beek ah CA te’ a di sepna tuang zou mawk!
17. India pumpi mun bangzah hiam ah ICAI branch a om a, ei’ a diing in Guwahati naaipen.
18. CA ban ah Company Secretary ( leh Institute of Cost and Work Accountants of India ( te leng programme hoih mahmah ahi. CA a hoih chihziak a pawng zil di ahikei. A haksa khopmai a chi uh.
19. Fee structure leh exam fee kikhek zel a, hiai a kigelhte kingakna taak khollou ding hi. Nang na hong exam hun chiang in ki update in.
20. Hiai career guidance article a kigelh zoh leh thil kikhek khenkhat a ki updrade lai in (as on January 2012), Institute website ah “under upgradation” kichi mun bangzah hiam ah om a, huai nasep a hon zoh chiang un tua i thugelh leeng hong dik kimvek nawnlou thei hi.
21. CA correspondence himahleh India khopite ah commercialized ua, coaching centre tam petmah hi. Huaite ei’ regular college sang in leng regular zaw hi (a taangpi in kaal kat in 7days class, 6-7 hours daily with minimum 4 hours daily. Lungkham pahpah ken, calss cancel hun bang leeng om saam ahi).
22. Vaipau siamloute’ a diing in south India lam hithei leh advice huai mahmah ding hi. Delhi ah vaipau ngen in class la ua buaihuai petmah hi. Graduation class ahi kei a professional class ahih ziak in bil kihong gige a tut ngai ahih man in ei Zomite a ding in sappau ki zatna mah hi thei leh maw.
23. Thil kikheek gige ahih man in website check gige, information lam toh kisai in kingakna tak leh dik pen ding hi.
24. India pumpi ah CA zilna ICAI lou khat leeng omlou hi.
25. Ei Zomite leeng a zil ut i om leh delay saklou a zil pahpah a deihsak huai petmah hi. Hun pen manpha petmah hi. Hiai toh kisai in hun save na ding in ei Zomite’ a di’n hiai theih kuul hi. Class 12 na zil lai in CA zil na lunglut a, ka pass zoh chiang in ka zil ding na chih leh Class-XII March kha in na hon exam zou a, na exam na kimuan simleh na result ngaak lou in, 1st april ma in registration bawl inla, June in CPT exam pah in. Na result na ngak a, na pass zoh ching a registration na bawl patleh June in na exam thei nawn kei ding a, December a na exam ngai ding hi. Hiai in kha 6 sung a thawn a koihlou a hun leh sum save ding chinuam daan.
26. Pan dukan leh dawr neuchikchik nasan a leeng account maintain a ngaih leh “sumdawmna khovel” ah bang chi in accounts siamte’ nasep diing a om lou mawk ding a eita O?
27. A zil utte leng correspondence a Graduation a hih uh advice huai mahmah, a ziak ahih leh CA zou kei zenzen le teh sepna dang zonna ding a graduation certificate poimoh ding ahih man in. A chiang zaw thei ut i omleh, a check theih ding. Hon mail ut ten This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ah. Ka kipak.