Education as emancipation


The Great aim Of Education Is Not Knowledge but Action. –Herbert Spencer.
The term 'education' etymologically is derived from Latin words combination of 'educere' and 'educat' which means ' to lead out' or ‘to draw out’ or ‘to rear’ somebody from something where he or she lays. Precisely, the words combination of 'educere' and 'educat' gives a new word known as ''educe'' meaning ''bring out or develop something latent or potential from evil practices and ignorance''. By the word 'latent' we meant 'existing but not develop yet' and by 'potential' we meant ' the ability or capability of somebody to something in order to have ruled over it. The root word of latent is also been taken from Latin word 'latere' meaning 'be hidden'. So, in a broad senses, Education is the theory and practice of teachings, giving information about or giving or receiving training to a particular subject and enlightened the mind and sets an intellectual, moral and social conciousness to specific field. Moreover, it also meant to lead out people from their bondages and wounds -mentally and physically into more safer places, where one could enjoy one’s personal rights and dignity or freedom.

The root word meaning of emancipation is closely related with the word education. The subject matters both on enlightening and freedom over any issues of humanity. Emancipation is directly inverse with the state of ill-treatment, seduction, abduction or secluded by the stronger objects (object here means the opposing personnel).

The word has also been taken from combination of Latin words 'emancipat' and 'emancipare' which means 'transfer as property' with 'e' which means 'out' and 'mancipum' means 'slave'. So, It is to set people free especially from legal, social and political restrictions or bondages. One clear example of bondage is those who are carried away by the enemies into wilderness known as POW(Prisoner Of War) or simply captives who are depriving of their personal rights, wants and longs. Sufferings, pains, grievances are its features. But when people are emancipate or restrain, he realized the joy of freedom and taste the smile of happy man. Not necessarily of wealth but inside the mind. The physical body is liberated from cruel, ferocious and savage hands.
In today's world emancipation may also include religious awakenings- which is a clear comprehension of the Living God and His supremacy over Men and Nature.

As the world become more and more civilized, men give importance to theological studies- no matter what religion he or she belongs, either he is Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Shanto, Judaism, Buddhist or an orthodox who have   his own believes. Even Atheists- who does not believes the existence of God are highly aware of their believe. It is doubtful that one can deny believe the existence of God. To them I urgue that the natural forces, which is scientifically called the Natural Force of Laws are quite a trivial matter. The blowing wind or the mild breeze, the falling rains, the growing trees, the human beings and animals and its progeniture, etc  in reality are not just a natural processes. Is it happened by following its own pattern? Is the Universe exist by following its processes? Is that seasonal changes occured as a natural process? Obviously, one may say to it. But think about the Universe, once it is created or existed, why not the other such Universe are not created as a rule by following a natural processes. These are something metaphysical, ofcourse, by it existence. Its incoherency is occean deep. It is doubtful that how somebody crept over Atheism as their ideology itself became their god, which turn to be Theist rather than Atheist.

Education has been the main door that opens the mind to hover over the rest of the world. Though we have never been there to the South and North Poles of the Earth, we, through our education –knows; the ice shades areas, the Alaskan Icy land, and even we can imagine that how cold would there be to stay for a while! Education gave us an Eye that term it as Education's Eye, which can focuses whatever, wherever he found attractive, eye catchy, interesting  marvellous, and enormous. The geographical patterns and classifications of the earth crust, the high seas, flora and fauna, the ranges of Himalayas, which is said to have its rings with the northeastern hill ranges of India. The Alps mountains, the Missippi ranges, The Steppes etc are the unseen calculation that circulates in the mind. Above all, the geo-politcal structures of the world, the scientifically high-fi instruments and technologies, the arms and weaponry fortification. The world of entertainment (includes-infotainments, edutainments), the world of Cosmetic and Beauty Industry. Philosophies, Cultures, and Religions. These are the things that we learn, no matter what about the subject but with the intention to master oneself in order to sharpen knowledges and the power of the mind while shaping the world a better home with an egoism to explore more and more values that remains intact in one's life.

Education is not just to learn, but to emit the light, spread the value, make awareness among the people irrespective of what level and attitude do they live, ignorance or poverty; to make an effective growth in their status, both mentally and physically. To lead out one another from bondage, darkness, captivity are the main objectives of education. This will result into an Emancipation. So. The importance of education are inevitable, each one has their own roles to fulfill and responsibilities to take up, handle and envision what effect would it brought in the next.  The escalence taste of education, as we have already known is sweet. The strategy of emancipations would brings closeness, relativity and unity among individuals, then it will reached nations of the world.

With education the amnesiac rate of boredom can be measured and too can be reduced. If one didn't get the require amount of corrections during his/her childhood days have oftenly shows dissonance against his fellow being when he got the maturation. Probably, he might be found disastrous by his appearance. This proved that education goes hand in hand with discipline. Life is not just to live, but to be worthy; leaving legacy which creates and shows life is a meaningful journey. Life is short time gift, make it beautiful, colourful and plenty of truth. Life is not about Money, wealth is not necessarily of money but it is in the heart. There’s time for everything- sufferings like pains and agony, hard times as well as good times, in a state of pauper, even there is time for losing someone dearly and close one. Be happy to lead your life in the best possible way even in times when your mind points different directions due to stress or any cause. Steer to the right plot and fasten it. Accept changes in life, but do not move by changing the mind being God appoints you to drive you life. Sometime life itself turns confusing wheather to turn left or right, but this is a chance, make use of it. Be ready to face the future and try to cope with anything that may come towards you. It may not come in a sequencial process as usual.   
Education is reliable, not necessarily for high income but for high thinking and broadmindedness. The prevailing molestations that used to happen in many parts of our country including ours; perhaps, credited to receiving unsensible system of education or just by the namesake- without getting the core values or it may be else. The brutality and miscreants acts are palpitable to have its space on the ground. Also, corruption is another big issues especially in India. Can you guess the reason what makes politicians corrupt? The answer may vary from person to person. But, basically- the root caused laid on the basic education that one’s received. There is a fact that says- In every moves, we are showing off the quality of honesty, sincerity and dignity of labor that we inborn with; which may be shaped by early lineage treatment.

Well, Let’s try to give short, exact and precise meaning of Basic education. Firstly it is on the hands of parents, Then moves next to next. The basic education while childhood days are most important. Some Psychologist found out that the mind at the child and the at the aged are unchanged- the same. That is the core of the mind.
It was the Britishers who came, as missionaries in our land; brought education through the Gospel of Christ. They teached our fore-fathers the Gospels with a firm affinity and determination, when they (parent) could realize the truth beneath under their arms, again missionaries reflects the art of studying- written and oral; with high self-esteem and persistence, with all the odds and obstructions. As a result, the spark ignited and reignited tremendously with the passage of time and spreads the Gospel hand in hand with the systematic education all over the land. When more than half of the tribal were inclined toward this systematic uprooted changes. Some people along with orthodox Chiefs opposed it. At length; they could resist it. But, later, they feels dilemmaic over the changing wind. After years, they could accept it: as people moves toward this new trend.

The legacy toward the 1910s and beyond by the Britishers are awakenings. But, today the society as a whole grasped the system of valued-change and passed it to one's offsprings to the coming generations. Indeed, this fact was preserved to maintain an equilibrium momentum distance with those of the other parts of the world. Schools, hospitals, colleges and even Biblical Institution are established in various parts of our land. Moreover, different kind of philantrophic organisations like the women cells, the students' federation, tribal unions and political revolutionary cells are the other impact of this societal change through education. The living standard of the people was heighten, business centers and private marts are opened. The system of clothes we worn were obviously change. We began to use Tie which is far from our custom and traditional attires. By traditional attire we meant that the hand made cotton clothes design usually by women-- by moulding cotton into thread. In order to complete one suit, the process takes different local handmade devices namely- Helhhawt, Mui, Suutlaam, Patphel, Chiangtang, Khautui, Siam etc and harnessed and fasten into Kantha, Tualpuam, etc. this takes time sometime more than a week or two to finished into Suit. These are never found in the other Civilisations of the world, but only with the Zomis.
It is education that Changed our lifestyles. Now, the ethnical or traditions are of intermingling with those of the Westerns, even though the Household Councils and its Affair (Inndongta) keep on practiced. But many old practices and relics were kept aside. Besides, many of the customs have been lost as the idea of westernisation have occupied our society with an exhorbitant rate. The transition was emanate since the Gospel lands to our area in the dawn of the twentieth century. Acculturation and exagamy has also taken place to each and one another, as the present system of societal norms and values have direct co-relation with the hi-technological abounce.

There are lots that praises Education. ''A little knowledge is danger''. A scientist who propunded 'The Theory of Relativty' named

Albet Einstein says that. ''The only thing that interfere with my learning is my Education''.  Education in a sense is not only to go to schools, colleges or receive high degree(s) in universities but persistence and hardwork over anything we do. There are number of Scientists and Great men who do not get school, college or university education, who still discovered, invented, opined or propounded theories. Practices, principles etc. For people like us, it is the only Christian ethoes that give Education. The Britishers came and teached the Gospel hand in hand with Education. They created the A, AW B CH D.....Z for Lusei which itself is taken the English script and we used it too. Our letters depict the greatness of The British Empire, they let us use their scripts rather than composing another or new version, hence we used it seems like ours till today. While the rest of the world have their own.  This may be one the worst legacy that the Britishers left to us. But we do not meant that a prompt change to do to replace it.
Supposing, if the Britishers didn't came and sprayed the Gospel. Can one imagine with what rate our education would move. May be we still collect fruits, nuts from the vicinity, or else we may still hunt the animals for sustainance. We may still practice the Sumtawng Ceremony with having been indulged in the laschivious devil worshipped.
If so, this would be the reminescence, but Gospel have greater effect on and on, nobody seems to remonstrate the remuneration of the Britishers. Many gets solace with elation and took a solemn oath to be Missionary to light the world. Morever, system of employment begun as church ministry begun. Indeed, all these transition are called an Emancipation from our ignorance, poverty, bondage and wounds. Further, we are enlighten by this realms of grace shadows. Love, Peace, harmony, unity, broadmindedness and  integrity may fill our mind.
Education sometimes have an illusive conclusion when somebody or someone tries the depth of scientifical knowlegdes and the skeptical or ideology of God. Schism among the the same takes place, this may be probably due to the monetary consideration that sways the mind into greed.
Intrinsically, we are uncivilized and maul, that some today’s youngs may not believe it. We are vicious naturally. But the Great change have taken place by adopting education and Gospels. Thank God! We are saved and awaken!!!