Speeches on ZOPA 2013 Ceremony

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Ladies and gentlemen, Greetings!!!

On this auspicious occasion of the 11th zogam.com foundation day, I would like to request each one of us to retrospect and see what we, the Zomis had been all these years. Lets us see together whether we had progressed as a nation or regressed. And if at all we had progressed, then at what expense and whether our progress is heading at the right direction.

We, at the zogam.com, acknowlege that we had been a relentless thorn at some seats of power while knowing fully well that zogam.com represent the common men and their thoughts. Keeping this in mind we had introduced from this year on, ZOPA ,keeping in tune with the "bridging the Zomis" theme. We have had an enormous response from the people and it is clearly evident on the number of SMS votes casted in the course of our campaign for ZOPA-2013.

I, personally, feel privileged to be associated with zogam.com and ZOPA and would like to sincerely applaud and congratulate all those who had contributed their mite towards ZOPA 2013..I also would like to make it known to all of you that this event is managed with funding exclusively from members of zogam.com who had wilfully contributed their hard earned money- the money they had earned by toiling day-in and day-out, night -in and night-out. I strongly feel that the person to whom we are about to confer ZOPA 2013 is privileged beyond doubt as he is about to receive the coveted prize money of 15000 INR which is an absolutely white money!

Lastly but definitely not the least, zogam.com would like to request all our leaders, both at the nationalist front as well as the political front, to think solely of our people as a whole, not just some sections of our society. For, as we all know, personal wealth and properties lasted only a lifetime or may not even last a lifetime, while good names and good deeds lasted for generations together. I would like to take this opportunity to constructively challenge our leaders to come forward, be transparent and make their names dignified for the future generations to respect and adore.....for, as we can all see, we had consistently failed in that front.

The youth of today are painstakingly awaiting such a leader .... and if the youth of today are disregarded, then the leaders of tomorrow would be sorry at their elders!!!


Dr. Biakdik Tombing
Jury Member, ZOPA 2013
Tuni a I award sai uh “Person Of the Year” in atuppen leh adeihpen ahihleh tomchika gen in khawtang hoihna dinga nasepna tawisang chih ahi. Mimal hin pawlpi hitaleh I dinmun setak maite uh bawlhoih na dinga nasem, imi hinpihpihte adinga phatuam nasemkhia, ichi inam uh tawisang mite pahtawia hanthawnna piak ding chih ahi. Niteng simthute izak chiang in lungphawng thei thil atam mahmah a, khawtang setakmai lak ah om ihi uh chih achiang hi. Igam uh khangtou lou in mimal ah I khangtou ua, imi hinpihte itna sang in sum itna alian zaw. Sualna chikim in ahon bawmkhuma, mimal hinkhua, innkuan, khawtang, saptuam leh nam leh gam kilamthak nading a panla mi ipoimoh mahmah uhi. Bangchi banga siatna hong kipan hiam, bangchi panlaka douzoh theih ding hiam chihte suia hoihtaka panla I om kei ua, kikhekna thak ineihkei ualeh manthatna lampi zuana paipai kihikha ding hi.

Thudik leh thutang in igam uah mun aneizou nawnkei a, muanna leh bitna I tasam ua, dan leh thupiak a dengdal mahmah ta hi. Mahni adingkia nasem in ibuai ua, mipi phattuampih ding nasem itawm mahmah uh. Azawng leh ahau kal ah kideidanna aliana, aneizouloute nelhsiahna uang mahmah hi. Khristian ka hi ikichi ua, I gamtatdan uleh khawhei dana taklang zawlou in, aminpu lel in Khristian ihi ua apoi mahmah mai hi.  Tua ahihman in I minam, i gam leh khawtang siatna lamthak ding leh tungding thak ding a veina puakgik lianpi toh agal aom lawm-le-vualte pangkhawma, lungsim munkhat pu a hiai bang Award hong kipankhia ahi hi. Tuaziak in hiai I Award sai uh tungtawn in mitampiten khawtang awlmoh in honnei uh henla, lam chituamtuam ah imi isate dawpsang na ding nasep honpan theile uh chih I deihpen ahi.

Line tuamtuam ah nekzong a khawsa itamta ua, mitampite amau line ah hihhoih mahmah in I minam tawisangtu in ahong pang thei uhi. Huchibanga etton ding a hoih tampite nasepte phoulaka, pahtawina piaka amau apan zillai laktheih dia koih ding chih ahi. Tukum isai masakna pen uah category/line akhenlou in alompi in nomination mipite akipan aki samkhawma, zahtakhuai mahmah leh pahtawituak mahmah ngen mi 9 ahonglut om hi. Amaute lak ah mi 4 telkhiak in ahong om ua, ikipahpih mahmah uh ahi. Amau asepna lam chiat uah kuhkal leh etton tak ahi ua, zilding tampi imuh ngei uh ilam en ahi. Hiaitan lel a hunsalou a a thupi zawsem ahon sepkhiak uh ideihsak petmah ahi. Dama isutzop touh theihzel ualeh mipite kithuahpihna toh Award I hawm nawn chiang un category tuamtuam akhena Person Of the Year tampi ineihtheih uh leng lamen hang.

Mihing ihihna ah hoih bukim leh ching bukim I omkei ua, Person Of the Year dia itelkhiak pen leng ahoih bukim leh aching bukim chihna hituanlou hi. Himahleh awlmohna toh panla a, tha leh zung ban ah lungsim tampi senga phattuam ngaitaka khawtang adia nasem ahihman in, etton a neia, kuapeuh thilhoih hih in kidemleng chi ihi. Sualdouna ah pangkhawm in, khawtang a dinga nasemte kithuahpih le hang I tenna uh gamnuam hongsuak mai ding hi. Tua ding in kisa ni hang in, nang leh ken I gam ading, I minam ading in bang hihthei inei hiam chih hiai Person Of the Year isai uh tungtawn in kiphawk thakna a neichiat ding in iki chial…

Admin sik-le-tang in,

Enes Shoute
ZOGAM.COM | Bridging the Zomis