Breaking the Law

"Equality Of Status And Of Opportunity And To Promote Among Them All"
siam t paiteDoes this sentence ring a bell??? It makes me recollect the times when we were young and mugging things up not really knowing what it's going to take when you would come to know the "INCONVENIENT TRUTH". Skip... Skip... Skip... Now, that I know a little, or may be nothing (happenings behind the scene), it makes me feel that the government is really and truly a "NECESSARY EVIL". May be, am crazy and so wrong. But I guess I am entitled to express my views after all.

My understanding as a rational Human Being with a layman's mind, on the sentence (from the Preamble Of Indian Constitution) means every Indian Citizen whether by Birth, Neutralization, Registration or by Descent have equal opportunities in the Politics, Economics, Social and Judicial system of our Country meaning "Bias Free, No Prejudice but the same measures to, by and for the people. Well, I am really keen on discussing about the way the LAW ENFORCEMENT on how they regulate and use their power bestowed upon them, especially in LAMKA.

First off, I won't be wrong in stating that it was an IDIOTIC ACT ( IDIOTIC: Showing complete lack of thought and common sense) and an ACT OF A MORON ( MORON: a person affected with mild mental retardation ) to have publicized a "GOOD WORK" for the rich, which anyone would be inclined to do so, basis the offer. A "BOUNTY HUNTER" they call it, would be the right word, is the one interested in this line of work, INVESTIGATION. They found the LAPTOP, PHONE and whatever was lost and am really happy for the person to have got it back. No grudge against him, not at all. But the way THEY exercise their authority. KUDOS.... Give it up for them, they have found it and one case down..... BUT HOW MAY CASES TO GO or pending.... As a matter of fact, how many cases have been washed down the drain??? Has the other cases been laid aside or had been totally forgotten about it because there is no "SIDE INCOME" for them??? I am just saying. No doubt there must have been a conversation going "YOU SCRATCH MY BACK, I SCRATCH YOURS", of course not with "IRON CLAWS".

What About serving and working with the actual purpose of governing and enforcing the law rightfully??? What about protecting the WEAKS from the STRONGS??? Don't one get equal justice and services from the LAW belonging to the poor???? No doubt everyone is striving towards getting themselves promoted or get any means of incentive JUST TO DO THEIR JOBS RIGHT. Are the citizens too proactive in offering such things or are they really, practically asking for it????

Becoming one of them, does it mean you can loot, operate, extort and take bribes legally??? Hmmmm... Quite an Oxymoron.... Sitting in that chair, putting on those khakhi uniforms and whatever you do is in accordance with the law, I guess. Or, bending it to their own convenience. No wonder everyone is lobbying for the jobs, ready with all the necessities.

Driving down TEDDIM ROAD, certain rules of engagement of the TRAFFIC POLICE includes Helmet policy, One Way Rule, Rash Driving, Speed Limits and the list goes on and on. Break any of these rules, U will be BROKEN, I mean financially. Certainly, one must pay a penalty for breaking the law and we all accept that. What about regulating the law to sell the right sets of HEAD GEARS to actually serve the purpose of wearing one? How about banging the doors of the merchants selling MOREH HELMETS as it does not really meet the quality standard? Or was there a BUSINESS under the table that U and I didn't know about between the LAW and the MERCHANTS???? One such Helmet can be smashed by just giving a little pressure using your bare hands, opposite to each other and how do you expect to protect your skull when you drive at a speed of 30KM/Hr let alone 40KM/Hr, which generally is the speed limit within a township like ours.

Now, get yourself together for once and think of the FUNDS RAISED from such law breakers as we can see it quite frequently in the local news and with our very own naked eyes as well. Where is it ? How is it? Why not use it for the welfare of the society that they are trying to protect? Say, putting up an "NO U TURN" notice using real steel plates, steel posts, a nice a visible notice to the HUMAN EYE at CENTRE ROAD??? How about a "ONE WAY" notice at IB ROAD, opposite to CCPur College that is lasting instead of sticking up a TORN CARTON BOX on a BAMBOO STICK that can be blown away in any minute, right at the corner where anyone can hardly see? It won't be that bad if the funds raised are used to clean up the road, mend it a bit better and clear off the garbage at NEW BAZAR. I believe no one would be so mad seeing it done.

And hold on to your seats, am not done yet. Open your eyes and ears wider. We can see policemen collecting a GOODWILL CONTRIBUTION from the shops at times, distributing some LAW AND ORDER pamphlets or articles about being HYGENIC for their "SINGPI DAWN NA'NG". I don't understand what the heck this means. After checking all the boxes mentioned above, still have the guts to do all these?? I guess the SHAME-METER does not come along with a certain limit like the thermometer meant for NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS. Well, I ponder are they abnormal after all???

Our LAMKA is no war zone. It’s not the Gaza Strip, Syria or somewhere in Africa prone to Civil Wars where one needs a booster and be more courageous and aggressive to tackle the enemy come what may. The citizens of LAMKA are expecting to see a POLICE OFFICER like one and act like one. They still want to talk about RESPECT, DISCIPLINE, ETHICS, and MANNERS???? MY ASS when they don't respect the uniform they are wearing, and above all not respecting their own self??? Smelling like a swine just finishing ZU-HA. At least not when they are on active duty.

Now the BIG QUESTION is, WHO IS REALLY BREAKING THE LAW???? Think about it. I break the law and you do too. But who is least expected not to????
******PISS OUT**********