New Year Messages...
By:- Thangkhanlal Guite @ Mr.Guite, New Delhi, Bth.Grade-A
Dated: 2nd-01-12018


Greeting!!! A very Happy New Year, 2018 to everyone in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
At the outset, i thank the Almighty Merciful Heavenly Father who was the God of Abraham, Issac, Jacob and all of us for giving us the time to prepared this manuscripts. It is indeed a New Year for those who/we follow the 14th Pope Gregory Calender which is universally accepted.

This is the messages held out by the New Year for all of us including myself. Ok let me try to make it short. The things to get rid of are sloth, ineptitude, indecision and lack of self confidences. We must review the year that gone by and review or performances in the past in regard for realization of our goals and ambitions. There must have been pitfalls and road-blocks on our way. We must assessed all these and removed them, in such a way that this New Year begins with Commitments, Dedications, Hopes, Good Cheers and fulfilment that all of us have been striving for. Let by gones be gones, let all of us March Forward ahead confidently from now onwards. For this we have to build our own strength & Eliminated our weakness that might had happened in the past years.

Let us begins and look forward for our brighter futures and think for the long run carefully. Let us not moan over our past again and gain any more, for our friends and our near and dear ones ,who has passed away, since Human being life span decreased after the Great Floods/Delude(Genesis 6:3,11:26, Psalm90:10). In fact, especially we the Youths may used to path ways with our inner circle of friends, near and dear ones, all these are a part of life.We are in the twilight of our youthful days so, my main aim is let bygones be bygones but let us move foreword with good intention/ attitude. A part from that this my new Year simple messages target including myself now is to have a positive attitude, good aims and ambitions and be optimistic and know that failure is the stepping stone to success, so that we can overcome our Giants, hurdles bad habits etc. Most peoples in the past first and risen again. Let us arise and shine now say so our Holy Bible(Isai 16:1,2).We should not forget that live is a bed of roses it have a rought pathes too. Generally everybody struggle in life “Life is a Struggle”. Every one is a pilgrims on the road to success. Its very important “ Let us not Lost Heart instead let us Exhort one another(Hebrew 10:25). Always Pray to God, so that our road to success be paved with Noble Intentions. Then half the battle is won. First let us conquered ourselves.

The other half was definitely won already, since as a saying goes “Well begin is half done”. Make plan and Schedule time and follow it, for this we might have to shed sweats or tears on the part toward success in life. A part from that we all our God Believers so, let us seek the Kingdom of God First then all the other things we be added unto you(Matthew 6:33, Luke 12:3). Moreover, as a wise saying goes “An early Birds catches the prey”. Meanwhile, our perspective should be the long term goals. The Progress may be slow but it should be steady and gradual to win the race of life peacefully.
So, from all the above simple New Year Messages/exhortations we all can take our the equation that “ All of us should do it with grit and firm determination in the New Year now. Besides, that i do hope in good faith that this simple article of mine will englightened us and be came a man/women of success in life. Thus, “He Who Show In Tears Shall Reap In Joy” (See Pslam 126:5,6)

With best wishes all of you a very Happy, Properous and Successful Happpy New Year, 2018.