This dynasty originated immediately after the beginning of chieftainship from the line of Guite (Gwite) and his son Tuahchiang. But the most famous and the strongest ruler of this dynasty was Raja Goukhothang Guite(Kokatung, a British corrupted word of Goukhothang).Born in 1821 at Lamjang, he assumed real authority only when he was forty years, by building his capital at Mualpi in the Chin Hills. Between 1857 and 1871,he invaded and ravaged the Manipur plains successfully no less than seven times. At that time, he was the strongest and most powerful ruler of the Chin-Zoumi tribes, and no one dare to oppose his authority.

He was captured TREACHEROUSLY by the Manipur Maharaja Chandrakirti at Chivu with the help of his able Major Bir Tikendrajit and Major Thangal, and met a premature death at Imphal, where he was put in prison. That was in the year 1871. However,his great son, Sumkam Guite continued the unfinished task of his father,resisted and defeated the Manipuris, and reign over his subjects ably. He not only took strong hold of his father’s kingdom, but actually extended them. Hence, Sumkam Guite too, could also be regarded as among the greatest Guite kings.

In order to avenge his father’s death, Sumkam Guite in October 1873 invaded the Manipur valley, and ravages 37 houses, with 17 killed and 78 Manipuris captured. The Manipur raja, in order to pay back, sent a huge contingent in March, 1875, which was but a failure. When by the end of 1876, Sumkam Guite along with, 1500 men descended the hills once again and surrounded Moirang, (situated in the Manipur plain,) bordering the hills, the Raja sued for peace, accepting the terms of Sumkam, which included surrendering the southern outskirts of Moirang as the natural line of boundary between the two, and handling over Major Thanggal to the Guites. This was the end of warfare between the two, as no further aggression or conquest was recorded hereafter.

History records that Raja Goukhothang was the 22nd ruler of this dynasty,but some records also wrote him as the 25th line of generations. This long dynasty began to make its decline gradually after Sumkam, but still could hold on its weight till Kamzamang Guite, who had by then rule in the Southern Hills of Manipur. Kamzamang Guite was well known for his wealth, ability and intellect among the reigning kings of the Guites, which attracted even some of the British Political Officials in Manipur to visit his adorn court.