For Auld Lang Syne

BiabiakMuamuanVualnam“Heya! Heya!” somebody shouted from behind, as I was going back from school (my workplace) to home, last Thursday afternoon. That was how me and my closest friends back in high school called each other; nonsensical as it may sound, I tell you, it was quite endearing. I wondered who he might be, and I quickly turned to see my old friend, with whom I shared almost everything, from benches to assignments, from enemies to friends. “ Heya!” I shouted back, “What a pleasant surprise! What brings you to this part of the world?” I stammered. He seemed rather disturbed, and didn’t respond to my outburst. “I’m sorry, but I can’t help but notice, you are not yourself, is something troubling you? May I help?” I offered. “Would you give me a lift?” he said, his voice dwindling. So I rode with him, my old very good friend; I remembered the time he took a beating for me, I could never forget that.

“I missed you” he said from my back. “I’ve been thinking about the days we spent together, I know there couldn’t be days as happy as those days with you; the naughty pranks, the laughter, the tears. So I decided to search for you and talk with you, even if it’s for the last time.” “Last! Why Last? We only met.” I told him. “Today, I’m going to give you a time that will last your lifetime.” I added. My friend didn’t reply, but smiled the smile which endeared me to him the first time I met him in my 6th grade. I took him to ‘Fat James’, where we had quite a treat, and then I took him to his old girlfriend’s place, of course, she was already married. But, Boy! Was he happy? Then I took him to all the places where I thought he would enjoy.

As it’s dusk already, we thought we best go home and rest. Whilst we’re riding on my bike, back towards home, my friend surprised me when he told me to stop, and that it’s time for him to go. “What do you mean, stop? There’s no house here” I tried to make him see reason. But my friend was determined on getting down, stubborn as he was. I tried for some more minutes, but he won’t move an inch. So, I gave in, stepped on the brake and when we come to a halt, he stepped down, took my hands and said, “Goodbye, my friend. Thank you for the day, thank you for giving me a day I will ever cherish all my life and beyond.” He said with tears welling up in his eyes. “Why so dramatic? It’s only a simple goodbye, we’ll meet again, soon.” I said. My friend smiled and waved me goodbye. I didn’t see him anymore after that day.

Two days had passed; I was out at the market where I met another old friend. When I enquired about my old friend with whom I spent half a day after having not seen him for 10 years. I couldn’t believe my ears when he told me what had happened. My whole world turned upside down, when I heard him say, “HE DIED IN AN ACCIDENT DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY.” “But, when?” I tried to maintain my poise. “ In the morning at 8” he replied.

(This is not a true happening, but only what could happen)