Mother's Day Quotes Contest Winners is pleased to announce our #Mothersdaycontest2017 result.

Congratulations to all winners.

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Best Quote:

Mom, you're all the reason of today's Me.
All that I'm and ever hope to be is all
because of you".... Happy Mother's day.

Min: thangtunglut
Omna: Delhi

Best originality/creativity:

We never grow old from our mother's love

Min: Donimen
Omna: Mohammadpur

Special Mother's Day gift for entries 1:

A mother's smile is worth more than a million tears.
Be the reason why your mother put a smile on
her face

Min: Siam Tonsing
Omna: Lailam Veng

Special Mother's Day gift for entries 2:

I hide my TEARS when i say your NAME.
But the PAIN in my HEART is still the same, although
I SMILE and seem care free.
There is NO ONE who MISSES YOU more than ME..
I wish HEAVEN had visiting hours.
Happy Mother's Day Mom
Missed You so much

Min: McMuan S Ngaihte
Omna: Delhi