Condemnation of Sexual harassment by Security Personnel

ZOGAM.COM condemns the despicable acts of forced pornography by alleged security personnel posted atharassment Khuga Dam, Churachandpur, Manipur which became a rage over the week. Our heart goes out to the victims and their friends and families effected by the wide spread MMS depicting a helpless woman forced to have sex with her partner and even spread her legs to the camera in full view of a group of four to five men. An analysis of the video shows the participants at the start of the video were not the same as those at the end suggesting different clips were combined into one. This is an indication that this is not the first such instance of pornography by the perpetrators and there could be many more such MMS in circulation which may or may not have been released publicly.


Our understanding is that the issue came to light after social activist CT Lian registered an FIR no. 51(6)2013 CCP PS under section 354/341/34 IPC against unknown persons on the 25th June, 2013. It is a disgrace for the district police and administration that no arrests have been made in the last 5 days considering one of the victim's statement that the perpetrators were security personnel. It is obvious from the audio in the clip that a local might have been involved apart from a few speaking native Manipuri and all such evidence points to the Indian Reserve Battalion securing the dam, enlisted men on government payroll. There are also speculations of the victims being sexually blackmailed after capturing them on video since the victim confirmed the perpetrators remained in touch and she had begged them to delete the clip.The inaction in spite of the evidence prompts us to believe that an underhand card could be in play which can only be proved wrong once the perpetrators are brought to justice. What is also surprising is that Lamka (Churachandpur) which by some have been labelled the land of NGO's, not one have come out in the open decrying the incident. The silence of these NGO's is another big question mark on the functioning of these organisations considering there are no dependable statistics on instances how they have served the very purpose they were meant to.


So while we are confident that the truth will come out sooner or later, we demand that the administration bring them to task as soon as possible with the full force of the law and in a way which would serve as a lesson to the perpetrators on the law they were meant to serve and also respect the people they serve to protect. We also demand transparency in the proceedings in the case and urge all not to entertain any attempt to subdue the incident with talks or discussion between the families of the victims and perpetrators according to tribal customary laws since not all the perpetrators belong to the tribal community. ZOGAM.COM supports CT Lian on his stand for justice and will reach out to the media and the Human Rights organisations worldwide till justice is served since we have complained for years, cried and we have watched but little has changed and as crime thrives, its perpetrators largely go unpunished. We demand justice!